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Predicting Large Scale Events that Affect Large Regions or Large Populations using Cycles of the Sun

Our sun makes a great tool to forecast large scale events that unexpectedly impact our civilization.  This is because our sun influences the collective consciousness of all living things on our planet.  Because our sun has cycles that we can now predict, once we study past trends such as weather, markets, disease etc., and how previous solar weather affected these trends, it gives us a guide map to plot and forecast future trends based on the future activity of solar weather. We can then create a rough timeline of when that particular trend will be affected, thus saving lives, time and resources.

These impacts can be both positive and negative.

Click on a topic below to explore the future trend of that category as well as see articles published by the Solar Institute showing how the trend is calculated.

Sunspot cycles and the Markets

Sunspot cycles and the Markets Part 2

Solar Cycles and Influenza

Solar Activity and Terrorist Attacks / Mass Shootings

Solar Cycles and Political Change and Civil Unrest

Solar Cycles and Lifespan

Solar Cycles and Glaucoma

Earth's Future Weather according to Solar Cycles

Solar Activity and Instant Healing (exposing infected body parts to direct sun with a cloudless sky) (coming soon)

Solar Activity Severe Weather and Tornadoes

Solar Activity and immediate weather changes

Please note some of the above articles NOAA's links are out of order due to their upgrade.  These links will all be replaced in time.

Nature does not use a universal language, although it is speaking to us all the time.  The key is to identify what the language is, then you'll uncover its secrets.


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