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This article is an analysis from a book written by a famous remote viewer who remote viewed the construction of our reality and defined its matrix based upon individual belief systems. 
When we envision the future, we are in part actually creating it.  Mankind's evolution in general followed an overall predictable pattern of continued evolution, based on expressing its highest potential in all areas.
This manifests itself in inventions or insights that are received.  These new technologies or new concepts that change the way we do things are usually in coherence with the overall goal of a better world for the majority of people on earth.
An example would be man is meant to continue exploring the earth and beyond, so first we have the invention of the train, than the auto, followed by aircraft, than spaceships and so on.
When you envision a specific thing in your mind, you are in essence creating that future event.  The longer and harder you envision that thing, the more certain it comes into existence.  Those who read Jules Verne were psychologically prepared to engineer the technologies of the future. They were co creating based upon the overall evolutionary path of a better world for all humanity.
When scientists studied the process of remote viewing, trying to define it based on mathematical terms, they discovered that information was coming from the past, which was manifesting itself in the future or present, when the person experienced the event.
Here is a simple way to explain this.  A person makes a prediction that approximately 30 years into the future all ocean freighters will run on 100% electrical power derived from the sun or other new energy source that is nonpolluting. They than visualize or use clearly define strong mental pictures in their mind to visualize reading upon the cover of a science magazine 30 years into the future the headline in bold print "New 100% solar powered ocean freighter".  They visualize the date of the magazines article being November 2042 A.D. While they are writing about the prediction, they are also visualizing this event taking place in their thoughts and mental processing.  After the prediction is made, they than publish it as an article or write a book about it labelled "Future Scientific Predictions".
After the article has been read, shelved and forgotten about, one day in the not to distant future, the person who made the original prediction happens to be passing by a magazine stand and glances at the headline of one of the science magazines.  On the front cover we see the title in bold print "New Scientific Breakthrough allows Cargo Carrying Ships to run on 100% non-polluting electricity".  He than happens to glace at the date and sees the month being November 2042 A.D., or close to it.
Now comes the best part, the person who made the prediction, after seeing the headline unexpectedly, their memory flashes back to the exact experience he/she had while writing the prediction,  30 years earlier.  Emotions follow, and the person congratulates themselves on making an accurate prediction.
What advanced quantum mathematical equations are attempting to show is that when we connect our minds to the realization of having remembered and experiencing the writing the prediction, we are actually sending the information to ourselves in the past.  In the world of solar studies, this is known as the process of "Magnetic Reconnection".  
Magnetic reconnection is a physical process in highly conducting plasmas in which the ... and can concentrate mechanical or magnetic energy in both space and time. 
From the moment that article is completed, published and forgotten about, it was all taking place in the moment of a single existence.  Only our minds experience time as past, present and future to cope with the incredible vastness of this energetic field.  Without allowing our consciousness to define time as this concept, we could not handle it.
The legendary famous science fiction writer Jules Verne who predicted major stride in science died before he could witness everything materializing the way he wrote about.  But it illustrates the concept clearly.  
Each of us interprets reality independently of another person.  Just as time is experienced differently from one person to the next. Our experiences make judgments based upon our current belief system, especially previous experiences that we have had.  This in turn crates our day to day experiences.
The reasoning behind the future playing a role in the present, is based on the Quantum Mechanical Assumption that we are interacting with the future in our present.  This proves the existence of parallel universes because each decision we make splits off into multiple choices, leading to different outcomes.
People have different levels of belief systems. Those who accept responsibility for their beliefs and have the courage to follow through on them are usually successful because they are being guided by mans evolutionary path of a better future for all humanity.
This all takes place at an unconscious level, which is linked to the overall collective consciousness, which feeds us ideas and information, which we than take action and change the world we experience. This is based on Jungs work in exploring the collective consciousness of human beings.
I cover this more thoroughly in my book Solar Visualization Tools for Health and Prosperity
My research showed that I would have lottery numbers manifest most often on Mondays during the Month of July using radioncs. The fastest and most accurate results were obtained when I removed the rate, shut it off and than forgot about it. Kind of like detaching from a goal so that it can manifest.  Why this was I can only assume that it had something to do with Orion rising in the east in the early mornings, so Orion must have a connection to the collective consciousness. The majority of the people on earth go to work on Monday Mornings, so this may be a prime example of the collective consciousness at work. If you Google 
Orion + collective consciousness, you will come up with some interesting articles. The Ancient Egyptians used Orion extensively in their culture, which was highly based upon a collective effort.  Their culture lasted thousands of years.
I can personally state from experience that many years ago while living in the city, I wrote down on paper with intention to have $30,000 cash at one time, while being in good health and happy.  At this time I was living in an apartment in the city. I placed this note between the pages of a thick book and than forgot about it.  A few months later I bought some rural land outside of the city that cost me just $1,000.  Than about 3 years later I went out to my property to look it over and I had a conversation with one of the neighbors next to my property.  He told me his friend wanted to buy my land and when I called one of the realtors, she told me my land was valued at exactly $30,000.  So I knew it was a sign to sell and I did.  
I than did the same thing a few years later asking for much more and am on my way to building that reality right now. It proves that properly focused intention with clear visualization will manifest goals into reality, even money.
The universal consciousnesses is affecting the generating of ideas, information and knowledge of mankind.  The great pyramid of Giza has a corridor showing the timeline of mans progress
"The corridor- and chamber system inside the Great Pyramid is in itself a symbolic map of the history and future of man, even pinpointing important dates!"
Source: BelgaCom
so the builders of this great pyramid were well aware of this universal consciousness and its effects. I believe that throughout history the universal collective unconscious has also been misinterpred, emerging as a force of overbearing communsion of movements of facism.  These movements do not succeed over the long term because they are ruled by terror and fear, which is not the true guiding light of humanity. 
Belief and Reality
Many people believe that certain things will come true and others may not share the same belief as another. Perhaps this is where the conflict in religion lays. One person is afraid to share another's belief system because it changes the way they view things.
When you live with the mentality that all things are possible and you allow other people to share even a small amount of what you believe in, the results change the world, no matter how small the vision may be.
Take for example the processing power of the humble computer microchip.  Years ago everyone behaved there was going to be an actual physical limit to its processing speed.  It only took a few scientists to introduce awareness to the general public that computers using atom based transistors will far surpass the limits that previous scientific establishments believed possible.  
Scientists have taken an early step toward surpassing the limits of a technological principle called Moore’s Law by creating a working transistor using a single phosphorus atom.
Source: Bloomberg
Another prime example are the Wright Brothers.  They grew up in a age old world wide belief system that "If man were meant to fly, he would have been born with wings".  The Wright Brothers were well aware of Leonardo's previous drawings of flight and the many other experimental flying craft being tested during their day. 
Leonardo da Vinci made the first real studies of flight in the 1480's. He had ... The Wright Brothers used this book as a basis for much of their
Source: NASA
They just believed in themselves strongly enough that they had the power within themselves to make a flying machine, and they did.  Today we can build homemade flying machines in our garage, or assemble a hang glider in a matter of minutes.  It was that single spark of their belief that changed the existing belief of the entire world that man was not meant to fly. This concept than snowballed to where we now build jets far surpassing the speed of sound.
From my personal scientific breakthroughs and discoveries, I have found that when I visualize new concepts and ideas, they seem to already be existing in a previous dimension or "landscape" of some sort, composed of a different type of energy. This information I receive comes in "visions" which I believe is the process of allowing my mind to "step down" this energy and interpret it, so my intention can actually design and build the concept into this reality.  This happens most often during condition blue periods. Belief provides the energy to make the process into actual physical reality.  This is used to create new formulas, construct pieces of a puzzle or show a new concept. In every case when the vision or flash of insight repeats itself over a period of weeks or sometimes even months, I have found the information to be 100% accurate and reliable.  The more belief you apply to a vision, the more faster the goal manifests.  This cannot happen without courage and raw conviction. Overall, those ignoring insights and information they are receiving or refuse to believe in themselves restrict the future progress towards a better overall world for all humanity.
Imagine all the young people who read Jules Verne, who grew up to become leading engineers, or those who read Issac Asimov and went on to work on build the space stations orbiting earth and the mars lunar vehicles. These science fiction authors do not become popular because they don't write well. Rather they are writing based on the future blueprint of humanities future evolution. They are psychologically preparing the masses of the young minds of the future to believe in themselves and follow their dreams. It gives them the confidence and courage to make this possible.
Today the new generation has been inspired by Star Trek, planting the seeds for interstellar communication and contact between species on other worlds. They are already maturing the technology where we can view actual planets in other parts of our galaxy. This is a most promising field. 
Because the universal collective consciousness appears to control evolution, it creates enough space in tis rough blueprint for us to make a change.  Many people feel powerless against this "flow" of evolution, but the key to breaking into this matrix is awareness, belief and courage.  Awareness is key to changing and merging into timeline of future humanity.  I show a simple exercise on how to do this in my quantum entrainment article.
It is new awareness that plants the seeds to alter reality.  Raw Belief provides the fuel and courage the change. I have also discovered that higher geomagnetic energy seems to provide the motivation and higher solar flux values seem to have more fuel to create belief.  This could be because to enter a wormhole, one of the ways is through a solar flare.  During solar flares, there is more solar flux energy
When you invent and create for the overall benefits of humanity, you follow the general consensus of mans proper birth right to happiness and well being. By freely expressing your freewill you change the future faster than any other method.
It takes just one person to conceptualize a cure for cancer.  This takes raw courage, but it totally buckles the belief system that a cure is not possible.  Sure the cure may include changes in lifestyle, diet and most of all dealing with emotional issues so healing energy can flow forth, but nonetheless it creates the actual cure for cancer. 
It is these strange new ideas that change the world.  These ideas linger on because they have truth attached to them, which gives them the power to linger on and fascinate and inspire people.  When Jules Verne publisher looked at some of his manuscripts, he verbally told him, it would never be accepted by the mainstream public. The very fact that the works of Leonardo Da Vinci and Jules Vern's works survive so long is testament to the truth that the concepts they were preaching about were true and valid in the overall scheme of things.  They created the future by believing in the information they received.
This means if we want to change our future for the better, we need to freely express our free will by envisioning a brighter future. Than listen to the guidance we receive.  This guidance can take all sorts of different forms, and will manifest as the most comfortable way of expressing itself. We than need to listen to these insights, ideas and visions, especially if they keep repeating themselves. You than need raw courage to follow through on your beliefs.  As stated earlier, from my research experience, condition blue periods seem to be the most favorable time to activate more belief energy into my works. 
I also show in my time article that during the last Olympic games 2 world records were broken when the suns energy level was at a certain frequency.  It was the first world record breaker that made it possible, than the next person knew it was possible and broke the record at the exact same frequency as the first person. 
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