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"Can the global food problem at last be solved – without using genetic engineering? In his new book the "Primeval Code" (Munich 2007) Swiss journalist Luc Bürgin unveils the secret of a sensational biological discovery at the pharmaceutical giant Ciba (now Novartis), which unfortunately has been ignored by the experts up to the present day. In laboratory experiments the researchers there Dr. Guido Ebner and Heinz Schürch exposed cereal seeds and fish eggs to an "electrostatic field" – in other words, to a high voltage field, in which no current flows. Unexpectedly primeval organisms grew out of these seeds and eggs: a fern that no botanist was able to identify; primeval corn with up to twelve ears per stalk; wheat that was ready to be harvested in just four to six weeks. And giant trout, extinct in Europe for 130 years, with so-called salmon hooks. It was as if these organisms accessed their own genetic memories on command in the electric field, a phenomenon, which the English biochemist, Rupert Sheldrake, for instance believes is possible." This means that life is constantly re-creating itself and evolving based on direct current energy.
Reference Source: The "Primeval Code" – the ecological alternative to controversial genetic engineering!
Reference Source #2: THE CIBA-GEIGY-EFFECT
Energetic Research Forum

Another powerful method that works is the emerald tablets exercise, which we believes greatly conducts the magnetic reconnective energies, which explains why it helps the body feel extremly rejuvenated after practicing the exercise.

And emotion which is a key element during Time Slips has been show to boost the anti-aging enzyme Superoxide Dismutase. "Serum Cu/Zn SOD levels of anxiety individuals were significantly higher than age and gender matched controls. These results suggest an association between Cu/Zn SOD serum levels and Anxiety Disorder."
Research Paper: Increased Serum Cu/Zn Superoxide Dismutase in Individuals with Anxiety
Paper Published by A.J. Russo Research Director, Health Research Institute/Pfeiffer Treatment Center

Because emotions are affected by magnetic fields, and emotions are not ruled by time, this would explain the strange violent behavior occuring during condition Oranges when the sunspot levels suddenly drop, as higher sunspot activity levels create higher magnetic field levels.  It would also explain the "collective fear" that can occur in certain  widespread populations at certain times, such as the "run on the banks" in the 1930's. It also explains the poltergeist, hauntings and ghost type events that occurs during stronger magnetic reconnective periods, as this energy is returning from the past to the present in a magnetically generated loop.

The Phantom DNA template related to the past is energized during times of higher geomagnetic activity. This creates an "energy field" affecting the localized region, which is probably why ghosts and hauntings are so common during higher KP periods. KP Activity is further amplified at higher elevations. Because KP Activity is related to Telluric Current, perhaps this energy is why the Bristlecone Pine Tree live well over 4,000 years at high elevations and why people in the State of Colorado have the longest lifespan out of people from other states.  Perhaps the higher KP levels are "compressing time" just a fraction, allowing the cells to not age as much normally, or creating beneficial conditions for the cells of the body.
" A new Harvard University longevity study puts seven high-country Colorado counties in the top 10 in the nation, with an average lifespan of 81.3 years".
Reference Source

The soil of the Bristlecone Pine is high in Dolomite Soil, which really is just a form of calcium and magnesium. And yogurt happens to be one of the foods highest in calcium and magensium that allows people to live extremely long lives.

We know that October is horror movie season and a time that Halloween is celebrated. This is obviously a time of intensified emotion. We also know from research that the rejuvenating energy of white light is strongest during this time of year. This would mean it would be the time of year the "fuel" necessary for Time slips would be the strongest, and almost 6 months later is when the money multiplication exercise occurs, which uses the sun to amplify intention and create the future is strongest.

We name the intention amplification period using the sun a condition blue period, and we also use it to forecast a rise in the Dow Jones. Because the sun is used to create the future, does this mean the moon can be used to access the past? As the moon in folklore is a symbol for emotions.

Events/Energy from the future to the present:

Condition yellows - Energy from the future flows strongest to the present. This can be transformed into positive energy to create the future. This is a dual energy, positive or negative. What you focus on most determines the outcome.  Strongest at the September Solstice. Future events are more fluid . What you do now determines the future more strongly. Another peak occurs at just after 50% moon in perigee.  Month =  January. This represents the  Cygnus constellation.


Events/Energy from the past to the present:

During  the start of a condition blue. Energy flowing from past to present strongest. Month = March.  Apogee moon and sun closer to earth. What you do now can change the past. Another peak occurs at 50% past moon in apogee.  Strongest at the June solstice. This represents the Orion constellation. The higher the solar flux and equinoxes, the easier it is to tap into this energy.


At the start of condition greens, positive  energy from the past flows into the present.

At the start of condition orange and condition purples negative energy from the past creating the future occurs more. This includes perigee moon and earth closest to the sun. Month = January.

This means time manifests in dual positive and negative polarities.

Because the tools to measure time are based on quantization, this means that time must exist as an independent source of charged particles not yet made manifest into our current space/time reality. This does not manifest until we observe it through the act of observation and intention. One way to verify this is to locate a point in the past you wish to access and count backwards via 5 year increments. 20, 15, 10 etc.... as you approach the point in time you wish to access, an emotional or physical presence will be felt. This creates a "change wave" resulting in an uprising or release of energy. This same experience is exactly how a perigee moon operates when it is closest to earth. This proves that a larger moving mass coming towards us causes these particles to "eject" themselves, as Einstein proved that mass and time are both the same. When the sun is closets to earth, which is during December, the emotional time of Christmas occurs. Perigee moons, which is when the moon is closest to earth are a time when these emotional peaks occur, especially during supermoms, which have been responsible for increased super tides and sometimes earthquakes.
Scientific Paper: Can Causal Influence Propagate Backwards in Time? - a Simple Experiment in Markov Chains and Causality

Now that we know the right times the "fuel" for Time slips are present, where do we get the engine to put the fuel in? By observing nature we already know that areas of intense emotion are present in cemeteries and churches, of which many are built around or upon Ley Lines - And Ley lines are a form of Telluric Current. We know from experience that by connecting with the sun we can create our future. So by connecting with an emotional event in the past, while in a specific location, during a period of higher geomagnetic energy can possibly trigger a change in the time/space of that location.  Here we see an emotional traumatic event (As shown at 9:50mins in this video), which caused 2 people to go back in time while visiting a church tomb, which is an area of repeated emotion. and the author of the tomb was buried in a tomb at that location, so if we connect ourselves to buried objects at the right time periods, and allow our minds to be open, this is what may be changing the surroundings of the people they are walking in. At 9:30 minutes into this video Time Travel Physist Researcher Paul Davies shows that travel is possible.

Could it also create people to go into the future. I believe that this video is a cell phone commercial, but the concept of him crawling into the ground gives an interesting theory of how the ground creates energy necessary to traverse time. Perhaps this is why time capsules are buried in the soil underground. Other places where Timeslip fuel is available are Stonehenge -(which is on a Ley Line), hospital emergency rooms , psychology counseling centers, historic battlefield memorials, and similar areas that had intense emotion in the past. These can include areas of positive emotion such as wedding chapels, pet stores, tourist attractions, theme parks etc.

Because emotion multiplies itself during higher KP periods, this could be the reason people go crazy during higher KP Storm periods? To a crazy person these emotions would manifest as an "echo" of repetitive emotion in their mind, and if they did not have a healthy outlet, could aggravate their mental condition. Maybe this is where the idea for the movie 12 Monkeys came from, which shows a person who travelled through time and the effects mentally impaired him. It is also interesting to note it takes 80 or more sunspots to have enough fuel to create the future.

Because protein affects the heart, vegetarians never get heart attacks because they don't eat excessive red meat, which is high in protein.  We know that the heart can affect the geomagnetic energy of our local environment. So because protein is the fuel for the heart, surely it must also affect the local geomagnetic region we are in.  Because Tryptophan, which is a form of protein, has been found to make make people with mental illness worse, and people who are mentally ill are affected by higher levels of geomagnetic activity, perhaps we need to 'seed' the air with a type of protein to trigger a time vortext to open into the past. However, a more realistic model to build on would be to generate an intense emotional field in a combined space during a geomagnetic KP storm (or increase in the earth's geomagnetic field). Churches and temples are perfect for this. Once this "critical mass" has been achieved, it should create a wave of particles that are responsible for timeslips occuring.

Perhaps this explains the recent sightings of dinosaurs over the years, leading to the field of crypto-zoology.
Modern DinosaurSightings -Source: Dinopedia

So where does the evidence for this exist?.  Why in crop circles of course. So which crop is highest in Tryptophan? Wheat of course. Wheat just happens to be one of the grains most sensitive to magnetic fields. And guess what else is cool? Crop Circles have been found to contain time/space anomalies. "2 separate groups of experiments have been performed showing that clocks inside formations lose or gain time compared to those outside" Reference Source

Another interesting observation involving circles, is people who have been around stone circles have reported Time Slips. I myself have built a stone circle, and at various times with the sun's solar flux is at higher than usual levels, can feel a strange energy emanating from it. >This book The Eagle's Quest: A Physicist Finds the Scientific Truth at the Heart of ... By Fred Alan Wolf, shows increased solar radiation has strange properties. This article titled "Missing Time Inside a Stone Circle" also shows how the circular shape is causing time warps to occur. The time of year solar radiation is most intense is from May to August. Therefore this would be the time of year Timeslips would be most common

Here is another story of someone who also encountered a Timeslip. Article: Train Ride to a Parallel Dimension

So to open a portal to the past we need to be in a location where intense emotion repeatedly took place in the same location, during a high KP storm or when the moon is perigee. We than would need to "saturate" the location with a type of protein, possibly Tryptophan, than perform the Heart Math exercise or connect to the historical event that occurred in the past like we connect with the sun.

At the very end you need to physically move your body 1 mile or more to a new location (As shown at 4:10 minutes into this video), and shown in the article below: "Another interesting source of EIFs is human movement! Although you may not have any moving fields within your home, you might move through reasonably strong, complex static fields sufficiently often to produce an EIF in your brain. If you think about it, walking between two areas of high magnetic field, with a low area in between, is no different from having a varying field pass through your head as you sit still. Given that you need to be exposed to such varying fields for some time, however, it might involve a lot of walking! It should be considered, however, particularly in a workplace that might well combine a lot of walking and a complex static magnetic environment. A probable example of this is an instance of a'haunted bed' (where some people lying in it experience strange ghostly sounds of a child crying). What is extremely interesting is that the bed has been found to magnetic, so that anyone tossing and turning in it would be exposing themselves to EIFs. "
Article Source.

While you are in motion, pay attention to the surroundings, as this moving may open the TIMESLIP window.  This is because in 90% of the cases the environment changed when they were moving.

The reason the coelacanth came back to the present is because telluric current exists at high levels in the ocean, and large moving masses stimulate the flow of this telluric current. As we know from the star trek movie where they went back in time to retrieve the whale. This could explain the strange time anomalies taking place in the Bermuda triangle. Perhaps a long time ago a civilization once existed, and there was intense emotion connected to it, and at certain  times such as high KP periods and perigee moons, the Phantom Template comes to life, affecting all biological organisms in that location.

And perhaps this is the purpose of Stonehenge, to use this energy from the past to heal the present during October equinox and to create the future during the march equinox. As Stonehenge is aligned to capture these energies at these specific times.


Another Good Time Slip Video. At 2:30 minutes into this video, it shows the photos they took, showed that they were not in the photos, only an empty lot of grass was visible.


There is an excellent study by Elizabeth W. Dunn and Simon M. Laham of the University of New South Wales in Australia. It shows clearly that experiencing an event with emotion causes the actual event to occur. Published Scientific Paper: A User's Guide to Emotional Time Travel: Progress on Key Issues in Affective Forecasting

Our bodies are similar to the sun. Think of a large mass of moving people as an increase in the energy of the sun. When the sun's energies are increasing, we are able to access future timelines more solidly. As an experiment for yourself, look at your watch or a large clock in a busy place or just before you set out on a trip, and never during, and time will appear to slow down for you. Maybe this is where the term New York Minute came from.

Quote by Sarah Belle Dougherty. The sun has been likened to a heart pumping vitality throughout its system in the same way that blood circulates in the human body, with the Sun contracting as rhythmically at every return of it, as the human heart does.
Ref: Solar Reflections -

Time and the Nervous System

Sometimes I will spend some time at a temple and meditate.  I use HeartMath when I meditate, which uses energy in the heart to create a more profound meditation.

Just a few weeks ago I had stated taking the new Rhodia Rosea tincture and one day after taking the tincture and doing HeartMath, I went on my regular bike ride to Pacific Palisades which usually takes me about 45 minutes and is about 35% uphill. 

On this particular day I accomplished the journey in 1/3rd the amount of time.  Instead of taking 45 minutes it took me approximately 15 minutes.

I know that Rhodia Rosea is an adaptogen that primarily affects the nervous system.  So after doing some research further I discovered that another person who also did a HeartMath exercise also had a similar time dilation experience where time slowed down.   You can read his story at the link below:

This means that our nervous system is being affected by time and that the reverse is also true that we can alter our nervous system to affect time. 

Although I didn’t check the solar weather, there could have been solar conditions that contributed to the effect also, such as a 6.0 x-ray background flux, a peak in KP activity or more sunspot activity.

So in the future I am going to experiment with this effect a little more and see if I can bend time enough using a modified form of this technique to accomplish a lot more in less time.

Another time that time slows down is at the start of the first rain. This is especially so in larger metropolitan areas. This could be because the nervous system is affected by the increased energy in the air. This could also be why it takes longer than usual to get to a destination when it first rains.

Because Time has no past or future and is ever present, I believe that Geomagnetic Energy and Telluric Current are the glue that hold this energy together. These currents exist in a wave like formation and when the right condition KP Storms appear the energy is stronger in the form of "currents". During this time focusing on the events or specific individuals that had a physical presence occuring in the area when the KP storm is occuring, your presence "slips" into the same time/space field creating an overlap and allowing you to experience the same physical environment as that individual. Each person or biological living organism leaves a "tiny magnetic" imprint upon their surroundings. The less polluted or contaminated the environment, the easier it is to re-acess during the proper KP storms.

This principle is based on the science of magnetic reconnection. Magnetic reconnection also happens to be strongest during condition yellows. So all we are really doing is reaccesssing that magnetic field, much like a VCR re-reads the magnetic tape on a cassette to play a movie or song. If you were a detective solving a crime, visiting the location at the right KP periods would allow "everything to fall into place" to solve the mystery, if you were a writer covering historical events, visiting the actual locations during the right KP storms would create powerful in-depth reading, if you were an archeologist, your discoveries would be never ending if you went out into the field and performed archlogical digs during higher KP periods. Perhaps this is why more archlogical discoveries occur during the solstices and equinoxes when KP levels are higher

Because Timeslips are an actual physical phommmenona, it would make a perfect environment to send small sized biological matter back to the present, such as occurs when numerous animals once thought extinct return to the present. It is possible that the eggs or a complete animal comes through the Timeslip to the present when a TimeSlip Occurs. 

"The portals, or "x-points", were observed in the 1990s by NASA's Polar spacecraft and are thought to connect the magnetic field of the Earth with the magnetic field of the Sun, creating an uninterrupted path between the two atmospheres. The portals appear to be highly volatile, opening and closing several times a day while proving highly elusive and difficult to locate."
Reference Article: 'Portals' Found in Earth's Magnetic Field Are We Getting Closer Towards Being Able To Travel Through Time?

Also another way to find more information on this is to do a Google search for: -  Magnetic Reconnection + Ghosts, Hauntings, Poltergeist. - This seems to make our theory valid that it is the energy coming from the past to the present that is creating the Time Slip" experience. Time and Light

By looking into the universe, we see the distant past, due to the spectrum of light taking so long to reach us. This is where the term "observation creates reality" comes from. So the opposite needs to occur if we want to see the future.  We need a light source that is not distant, but composed of mass amounts of energy, such as our sun.  Because we know from looking at distant galaxies, the emotions they invoke in us, we can use the same invocation of emotion to interpret or see the future, by experiencing it as emotion.

The sun has high and low periods of energy. We want  high periods, as that is when more of a specific wavelength of light is emitted.  These specific light frequencies occur during solar flares, in the far infrared portion of light, known as the x-ray background flux. This is where we get the term "emotions create reality".

It is the unfolding of emotion as witnessed through experiencing it that creates our future timeline. This is why e-mail packs so much emotional "punch", because it operates on a similar electromagnetic frequency, similar to our own sun. When you open an e-mail, the emotional energy sent has been building up for some time and you receive a flood of that emotion. That is where the term flame came from online, when someone "flames" you, that is the electromagnetic-emotional energy felt from building up over time. This results in a kind of "time storm".

So if we don't want to wait for the "time storm" to appear, where else on earth are these energies in a similar radiation range?  The answer is crop circles.  Crop circles contain almost identical ranges of the same X-Ray Radiation levels emitted during the "time storm" periods.  And time distortions/anomalies have occurred while inside crop circles.
Reference: Crop Circle explanation attempted by M.I.T Research Team
"Watches and clocks may run fast or slow in crop circles - and have linked crop circles to 'time warps' and 'space warps' "
Reference: Crop Circles and their Message

These I call emotional time portals, because they occur rarely. It is interesting to note that during solar flare maximums, which peak every 11 years, we always have a boost in technology, the stock market and other technologies that take us further into the future. So perhaps the driving emotion created during these times does the opposite, allowing us to access the past.

In the video below at the 2.35 minute mark, you will see an example of how someone was able to project their emotions into the future where an actual person could see them.

The Sun’s Role in Time Travel Theory - Quote from Science “The results of this experiment proved Einstein was right. This bending of light means that the light from the stars we see during a solar eclipse takes just over 1 second longer to reach us than the light from the closest stars we see at night.Gravitational Time Dilation by

Because there is no such thing as a past or future, during these windows the form and structure of emotion is taking on new forms, this allows emotion to create reality. And because we have free will, we can create our own futures. Think of the future as a form of waveforms. Every object of moving mass has it's own type of waveform . These waveforms vary in their intensity.

Wormholes must be organic.  This is because to travel into our future, you need 2 points in space.  From my business experience 2 things would occur during the "time storm" period. First the essential oils I worked with, the strength of their scents multiplied many times over and second I used to get an "inflammation" type allergy from certain essential oils.  Now we know that microscopic wormholes exist around us all the time, inflammation type allergies happen when microscopic vessels in the upper part of our body become larger, letting in more of a certain chemical substance than usual.  So because the microscopic vessels happen to enlarge themselves during these "time storms", than microscopic wormholes must exist in an organic form in nature and are naturally growing larger during these Time storms.  This explains why detection of emotions is much more accurate during these specific periods as more emotion pours through these wormholes than usual.
Reference: Radiation Increases/Amplifies Odors
Reference: Inflammatory stimulus causes these junctions to open up wider

Time is a universal force with its own wavelength. Time is divided into a series of "timelines". At certain times the wavelength of this timeline is more solid, such as during condition reds. At other times, this timeline is more flexible. The reason the timeline is more solidified during condition reds is due to the extremely high amount of energy being emitted from the sun during this time. This makes sense, because if disease becomes solidified during this time, surely event timelines that we focus on can solidify themselves more firmly during this period. Because energy has polarity, that would mean condition green a few days after a condition red sends energy from the past to the present, which explains why extinct animals "reappear" out of the blue, as the new science of resurrection ecology is starting to prove.

We are able to interpret our emotions coming back through time to the present by riding on the "wave" that is available when the emotion portal is available to access. Increasing magnetic fields, just like increased emotion are the key to accessing this "portal" phase of the suns flux periods.

Because of the huge mass of our sun, it creates a "curve" in space time. This "curve" of space/time also affects our emotions. It is during these periods that the magnetic fields of our sun are at higher levels and are stronger, which makes accessing emotions from the future much easier. Our emotions are more easier able to "latch on" to these magnetic fields. Does that mean our emotions are magnetic based?

We know from experience that when the moon is closer to the earth, which is during perigee or when the moon is headed towards perigee, emotions are intensified, or a "welling up" of emotions occurs. This explains the clarity of the emotions from the future, when the sun is headed closer towards our earth, which is closest from August to November.

It is interesting to note that increased 10.7cm solar flux values, along with rising X-Ray Background Flux Levels for 3 or more days are key to accessing this "emotion portal". If you have watched the Back to the Future Movies, you will see that in the very first movie the Dr. says that the "flux capacitor" is what makes time travel possible. Was that a coincidence?

Quote from Wikipedia:
The flux capacitor, which consists of a regularly squared compartment with three flashing Geissler style-tubes (arranged in a "Y" configuration), is described by Doc as "what makes time travel possible." The device is the core component of the time machine The flux capacitor requires 1.21 gigawatts of electrical power to operate,[1] equal to 1,210,000,000 watts which, to give a sense of scale, is approximately the output of a single pressurized water reactor at a nuclear power plant. It equates to around 1.6 million horsepower”
Ref Source: The DeLorean time machine.

Time: At 2 minutes into this video below Pillai Center Director Dattatreya Siva Baba shows how the sun and moon “freeze” time to create manifestations into our reality.

From this we can conclude that under the right conditions, you could use a kp storm to alter the past, and explains why during certain kp storms, after taking certain foods (especially Vitamin A) the body feels extremely refreshed the following morning. Star Trek even uses this example when they use the sun as a time machine to send their spaceship forward in time.

I have had much success performing the following exercise to choose which timeline to follow during condition reds. I have also noticed that putting ideas into action goes better during these times. This exercise only works during conditions if you want a desired "solidified future". The emotions are felt more clearly as the sun heads towards getting closer to earth which is from august to November. You must be "emotionally neutral" when doing this exercise. This means you cannot have negative emotions clouding you. You can do EFT Freedom Technique to "purge" your body if you feel your current emotional state is going to block you from receiving emotions from the future. The results work best at the start of a condition red, just as the X-Ray background flux levels have risen for 3 or more consecutive days and the moon is headed towards perigee.

1: First I allow my body to go into a deep relaxed state

2: Next I choose an event no further than 4 days out.

3: An example would be purchasing a stock to rise high enough to make a good profit and selling it 3 or 4 days later.

5: I call this part "alternate reality formation" I see myself having already sold the stock, than "listen" to the emotions returning back from the future to the present. If the emotions feel light, happy and "good" and the energy flows freely through you and does not feel blocked, than I know I can purchase that stock and it will successfully rise in that 4 day time period. If the emotions that return feel dark, dingy and "low" than I know not to trade that stock.

I like to use a scale between 1 and 10, with 10 representing the darkest or most "drudge" type emotion. I use the term such as "On a scale between 1 and 10, with 10 representing the darkest emotion, how does this emotion feel?" Feel meaning the emotion coming from the future. Don't consider the dark emotion "bad", all it is, is a matter of a lesson being pre-emptively learned, just as if you had lived through the event and were experiencing the emotions. This exercise just allows you to see what the outcome would be based on the decision you make.

If you want to predict the Dow Jones, we already know that a condition yellow, will always make the Dow Jones Rise

The Looping Effect Of Time and its Effect Upon our Awareness Because our awareness is based on information and our awareness is increased through condition green and yellow periods, there must be a period that this information comes through stronger than at other times. We already know that it is the change in the ocean waves that switches the condition colors from one color to the next. This chapter is based on my own research over the years regarding information and time. I believe that information flows through into our awareness at certain times from other points in time. This chapter is purely based on my own observations, and a working model has yet to be created. I only included it in this book because the results and effects are so fascinating. Here is what I've found: Many solar storms are broken into 2 sections. The first solar storm, than a few days later what is known as the "RECURRENT CHHS" which is a form of recombination. Recombination is related to magnetic reconnection and it is like if I take a giant rubber band and stretch it, than release it, the resulting effect "snaps" the rubber band back to its original shape. I have found that the recurrent CHHS, as the particles re-align themselves again from the solar storm, may be dragging energy particles of energy from the future to the present, which comes through as forms of information. This is because during a full solar storm with high KP activity you can send intentional energy to affect the future very easily. This is known as a condition blue. The recurring CHHS, which usually includes higher KP energy, I believe consists of energy particles coming back from our future. This energy affects our pituary gland, which in effect is affecting our present. Two reasons for discovering this came from when practicing the Emerald Tablets exercise, the energies were always stronger when the KP levels were higher, and the Emerald Tablets exercise at times can have time distortion effects, such as receiving information from the future. Second the recurrent CHHS periods, are usually strongest from October to December, the same periods the condition yellow exercises are strongest. So perhaps information and awareness coming back from the future to the present plays a huge role in anti-aging. If our cells respond to information, and information is really a form of white light, which is stronger during recurrent CHHS periods, than perhaps this is causing a beneficial time loop of some kind. Here’s an experimental method I have been trying:

During a powerful solar flare storm, that would include high KP levels, I would send with intention informational energy into the future. This could even consist of reading the material, allowing my awareness to become stimulated. Because high KP levels are occurring at the peak of the solar flare and again approximately 4 days later, the higher KP is the engine for sending the energy between these 2 points in time. Next a few days later, which leads up to the 2nd KP storm, which is known as the recurring CHHS (which you can use the NOAA KP forecast to look for, as it is identified by a rise in KP VALUES), new information will appear and come back to the present from the future ONLY IF YOU ALLOW YOUR AWARENESS TO RECEICVE IT. This is accomplished by a few methods, one is performing the Emerald Tablets exercise, another by physical exercise, or by boosting your psychic intuition or other methods that boost hour awareness. Does this mean that time travel into the future can be accomplished by speaking and understanding a specific language of information that exists in the form of particles. This is why the Emerald Tablets exercise is so powerful at these times because the future consists of new things being born/created. When you perform the Emerald Tablets exercise, you are tapping into this new birthing energy of creation, before it manifests in the future and are slowing down time just enough to cause a powerful rejuvenative surge of energy to manifest in your body, causing healing and tremendous revitalization. It may be an illusion that information we receive in the present has come from the past because time consists of energy of the past, present and future combined. What may really be happening is the energy coming back at a recurrent CHHS, is a changed form of matter, which is creating the present, and has come from the future. The above information is based solely on my current research observations, and I yet have to be able to develop a working model that can be effectively used to create larger results in the physical world. If it is possible to scale up the size of these particles manifesting themselves during the recurrent CHHS phase, than a working life-size time machine may become reality by using the KP energy of the earth as the fuel source or as a focal point between the two dates.

If you have trouble interpreting emotions or feel blocked from experiencing them, than imagine yourself having already purchased a stock in the future and let the feeling of what it feels like having made money from that stock flow though you until you feel a "click" or until the truth behind the emotion has revealed enough of itself to you. It's important that you allow your body to express and freely express this emotion as freely as possible, until you feel a "flow" established. This makes it far easier to feel the emotions from the future returning to you. It creates a type of "magnetic" polarity around your body that attracts similar emotions when you "scan" for them later on.

Also after this exercise pay careful attention to what synchronisties "pop up" during the coming days, revealing clues to your question, and what your dreams are revealing to you as guidance during this period become stronger and more "solidified". See what insights reveal themselves to you. This could be why certain people make such major discoveries when writing down information received from dreams.

How to "Hear" Events from the Past

One of the most effective ways I have discovered to hear sounds from the past is to visit a windy location, such as a mountain past that has a history of activity, such as railroads, cars or people. The next time there is a stronger than usual KP event, listen closely to the wind and you will hear sounds and voices from the distant past.  Another method that works well is to wait until the weather forecasts a very windy day, or wait for the seasonal high winds for your area and visit a location that was once inhabited, and once again visit the location during higher KP activity.  Cemeteries make especially good places because the emotional energy creates a powerful signature that readily travels through to the present.

In one case I happened to be in a remote area that had a lot of activity during the 1960's. It so happened thus location had very strong winds forecast for the next 24 hours, so I spent a couple nights at that location. As the winds picked up, I listened "between" the riling waves of wind and could clearly pick out voices from the past. In any event you will sometimes find the voices so clear you can probably record them, especially if they occur at a cemetery or other area where there has been a lot of emotional energy present. I believe the high winds "tear open" momentarily the fabric holding the past and present together, allowing these sounds to temporarily slip through. I have also heard events from the past in other locations, especially historical places when there are strong winds and higher KP activity.

The Bermuda area, where the Gulf Stream exists, is an area of high strong winds, as well as strong ocean currents.  This could also assist the “tear” in the fabric of space/time bringing images or sounds from the past to the present.

“The Gulf Stream is a strong, fast moving, warm ocean current that originates in the Gulf of Mexico and flows into the Atlantic Ocean. It makes up a portion of the North Atlantic Subtropical Gyre.”

Additional Timeslip Stories

Conditions Necessary for a "Time Storm"

This method is accurate but has its drawbacks, you need a decent condition red with the moon headed towards perigee and the X-ray background flux headed above 4.0 and higher for 3 or more days in a row. If the KP index (earth's geomagnetic energy increases) or the solar wind "jumps" in speed, this will boost the energies. Along with this rising X-Ray Background Flux, the 10.7cm Radio Solar Flux should also be increasing, especially for 3 days in a row. However these are great windows of opportunity when they present themselves and I've yet to test it on lottery numbers.

You can find the 10.7cm Radio Solar Flux and X-Ray Background Flux at on this page.

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