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NASA ACE Satellite Real-Time Solar Wind Data Broadcast

ACE satellite solar wind data

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Solar Wind Bulk Speed

Solar Wind Speed Graphical Format

Solar Wind Speed Graphical Archive

Solar Wind Speed Historical

Real Time Solar Flux Levels

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NOAA Archives Consisting of the following data:

Sunspot Numbers, X-Ray Background Flux,C Class Flares, Radio Flux Numbers
MEV Proton Levels
KP Levels in Numerical Format

KP (Earth's Geomagnetic Energy Levels):

KP Data Numerical Archive Courtesy of NOAA:

Long Term KP Activity Forecast Courtesy of Space Weather Canada:

Radio Flux and KP Forecasting in Numerical Data Format courtesy of NOAA:

Second KP Numerical Forecasting Courtesy of NOAA:

KP Levels Real Time:

Solar Winds:

Solar Wind Speeds Last 7 Days

Dynamic ACE RTSW Plots. Courtesy of NOAA / Space Weather Prediction Center

Solar wind model, comparison with observations and forecast Courtesy
of LMSAl/VSL Palo Alto, CA,

Solar Wind Prediction Courtesy of NOAA:

Long Range KP and AP Forecast Courtesy of NOAA:

Sun Energy Activity:

BZ Levels Real Time:

2MEV Electron Forecast courtesy of Space Weather Canada

2mev Archive Courtesy of NOAA:

Real Time 2mev Levels Courtesy of NOAA:

Real Time Solar Activity Courtesy of NOAA:
1 Minute Intervals:

Real Time Cosmic Rays Courtesy of the Russian Neutron Monitor:

Solar Flux Forecast.  Courtesy of Space W. com

Allergy Forecast Courtesy of (usually signals a condition red)


Additional Resources:

NOAA Archives:

Solar Flux Graphical Archive:

Proton Graphical Historical:

KP Graphical Historical:

NOAA Ocean Tides Frequency Charts / Present and Future - Visit Page

Infrared Vis Levels:

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