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Condition Orange Visualization Toolbox -
For some it may be a time of emotional turmoil. - Intention used to get results previously is not as strong.  New methods needed to get same results.

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Emotional Clearing

You unconsciously revisit the past regularly on anniversaries of deaths, marriages, divorces, births, accidents and meetings. The body remembers on a cellular level significant events that have taken place. Until you are resolved on the issue at hand, it will subconsciously arise time and time again demanding attention, acknowledgement and healing. It also works the other way, when you have done good, it also arises and gives good encouraging thoughts.

Here is a method to help release past built up trauma.

1: Feel emotional blocks, emotional prejudices, and blocked feelings flowing up from your body to the surface like a volcano or hot spring. Do this in layers, lightly and gently taking your time.

2: Experience /live these/this emotion as much as possible, bring it back to life.

3: Now while these emotions are alive and living, love and accept yourself compassionately for having these/this belief, promises and ideas.

4: See clearly that you are letting go of this block, emotion, idea because it is self defeating, limiting and untrue to your true purpose in life.

5: You may have to spend the next 10 to 15 mins slowing living this emotion while loving and accepting yourself to let these negative energies completely dissolve.

6: Now see an etheric vacuum sucking out all remaining harmful residual energies.

7: Now breathe out all negative energies and tensions.

8: Now breathe in love, compassion and let it fill your etheric body and lungs with this energy.

Learn more about the eterhic body here:

Knowing if what you want to is going to bring success or failure

 1: Say, I am going to ...... do this..... etc put forth your best intention as best you can.

 2: Now do a small loosh cleansing.

 3: If you get resistance than the decision you are going to do is bad and don't go forward with it.

 4; Keep doing loosh cleansing until you get into that "free flowing" comfortable state and you will find the best path to take. This exercise is especially accurate during days of condition red periods

Loosh Cleansing

This is a term developed by the creator of to describe an emotional state of being where your emotions are "disturbed" or provoked for no apparent reason. This disturbance is termed "loosh". Here we will turn negative loosh into positive loosh.

Sometimes you will feel emotions from the future that might negatively affect you in this present time. Because emotions are not bound by time, sometimes negative loosh can be a signal from the future warning you about something or an event, goal or project you are about to do that may not workout as you intended (conflicting emotions). When this happens, sit back be patient and listen to what your higher power is trying to teach/show/tell you. When you can remedy the situation after seeing what is better or what you have learned, than the loosh will turn to positive loosh.

1: Go into a meditative or relaxed state of mind.

2: Let yourself experience your current emotions as truthfully as possible.

3: At the same time, focus (or invoke) the part of you that is calm, observant and understanding. Say this out loud if you have to.

4: Now see the situation, event, place or emotion causing "negative loosh" as ridiculous and funny. Let yourself flow with the energy and laugh out loud if you like.

5. Optional, you may want to add, "I have learned these lessons (or matrix lessons) now.

6: Next see what comes into your imagination (sometimes you may receive advice, sometimes you may receive nothing) and go with or heed the advice of these new visions. You will than find your negative emotions will be substantially reduced.

* Also after a loosh cleansing surround yourself in pure bright light, protects you from further negative loosh attacks.

Note: If you can't invoke the calm, observant, understanding emotion than let see it flow through you from other people, times and places. Military towns or towns based near military bases have lots of emotional energy that is neutral loosh energy.

Restoring harmony to living area/remove noisy neighbors

If you have noisy neighbors or a noisy roommate, do this simple technique to "restore harmony" and welcome back peace and quiet to your living area. This uses the same energy as Dowsers use to find water. Most powerfully done at condition blue or yellow periods.

1: Get a rounded rod of metal between 6 and 10 feet in length and between 1/2 inch or less in diameter. You can pick these up at Home Depot or a hardware store. It should be an easy piece of metal to bend

2: Next bend this rod about 1/3rd of the way from its base at an angle between 23.5 and 33 degrees.

3: Next place this newly bent rod about 1 to 4 feet off the floor with its point facing the wall or direction you feel the noise is coming from.

4: Next place a crystal at the base of this rod.

5: Next charge this crystal with your intention that this harmony and quiet be restored in the direction the rod is pointed at. INTEND that the noise go away.

6: At first charge this crystal with your intent twice a day, than charge this crystal every few days or when you feel you need it.

7: Next by using sage, "Smudge" the apartment/room with sage smoke and if possible give the location a spiritual property clearing. It is best to "smudge" the room, when the noise starts for the first few times than no more.

8: If you can, place amethyst crystals pointed also in the direction the noise/disharmony is coming from.

What will happen is after about 24 hours and 7 days into the future the disharmony and noise will permanently go away.

Before I had my own ranch, I used this technique in a very noisy apartment in a large city and not only did the noisemakers move out a few days later, but future renters were quiet and any other noisy renters would not rent that apartment. This is because the energy grid in that area had been transformed permanently by intention. The energies of the rod and crystal restructured a new energy field structure for that locale. The old energy that attracted noisy neighbors no longer attracts them.

Emotions and their Energy

This exercise works best during condition orange and red periods.

Negative Emotions are usually misdirected creative energy. Most people's emotions when they get out of control are like unleashed fire hoses.

To help keep a sound state of mind:

1: Stay in a sound mind set and forget your worries. One way to do this is to dedicate part of your life to volunteering and helping others.

2: Avoid situations that cause emotional distress.

3: Focus that energy into creating what you desire. You can accomplish 10X the results by using the mental world by asking your higher power for guidance than by going out on your own and "making it happen".

Anger Energies Instant Erasure

1: After a few days or weeks of writing down all the things that bring you anger and hate, re-read them and see them and their emotional energies inside a red sphere bathed in red light.

2: Now see when these situations arise again in your life, see yourself becoming more calm and relaxed to the situation.

3: See yourself love and accepting these emotions when they arise in your life.

4: Now see yourself forgiving the people and situations when they are encountered again.

5: See yourself having learned a valuable lesson and grow even more from the experience.

Clearing Troubling Feelings and Thoughts

Everyone feels depressed every now and then. Here is a quick exercise to bring your mind back to peace again. Depression only occurs when we are not following our true path/purpose in life of what we came here to do, and using our talents to their fullest potential.

1: Target and focus on the exact emotion that is troubling you.

2: List on a scale of 1 - 10 the intensity of the emotion that is troubling you, with 10 being the highest.

3: Now do an EFT & Emotional Cleansing and the scale should be dramatically reduced.

You can learn more about EFF at the Condition Green Toolbox.

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