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How to Integrate the Cycles of Emotional, Physical and Intellectual Biorhythms into the Daily Health Forecast Return to Homepage

Active Condition Blue Health Forecast Periods + Biorhythm Cycle - The Intellectual Ability is Maximized


Active Condition Red or Orange  Health Forecast Orange Periods + Biorhythm Cycle - Physical and/or Emotional Ability becomes Impaired


Active Condition Green Health Forecast Periods + Biorhythm Cycle - Physical and Emotional Ability becomes Maximized


Active Condition Yellow Health Forecast Periods + Biorhythm Cycle - Mental or Physical Ability becomes Maximized


Other ways you can use biorhythms with the Solar Health Forecast

If your intuitive biorhythm is at favorable levels it can overcome the effects of a strong condition orange or long term condition purple.  Favorable intuitive biorhythms are also favorable periods for performing the money multiplicaion exercises and the Quantum Entrainment Healing Exercises.

If your physical level is at favorable levels it can overcome the effects of a strong condition red, especially during spring.

Intellectual and intuitive low periods are excellent times to gather information, review facts and search for information. Intellectual and intuitive peak periods are excellent times to connect the dots, solve challenges and find the connections to solutions easily.

While we have not pursued this further, there may be a connection between Ultradian Rhythms and the Condition Colors.  Especially during Condition Blue Periods.

The Huffington Post has an excellent article on Ultradian Rhythums titled: How Building in Periods of Renewal Can Change Your Work and Your Life. You can read the ariticle at the following address:

Earth Biorhythms

Earth also has biorhythm cycles as my research has shown:

"On 2 occasions while performing the Emerald Tablets exercise, I have felt my body become so light, that I thought I would literally go flying off into outer space. I recorded these dates twice, 1 year apart during the month of August."

After some deeper research this was discovered:
"Planet Earth has four biorhythm cycles which peak simultaneously once every twenty years. This has occurred on August 12, 1943, 1963 and 1983 and occurred again on August 12, 2003"

These biorhythm Cross Points have also been discovered to interact with the Dow Jones Industrial Average Markets. And Economic Theory is starting to prove this.

For those of you who may believe in the Philadelphia experiment, it also took place in early August.

The article below also shows that on August 25th of each year a gateway opens

Calculating Your Personal Biorhythms

Receive your free biorhythm readings in printed, pdf or onscreen format at this address

To find Your Danger Days and Peak Days, the below article goes into the details about biorhythms, including scientific studies done linking biorhythms to accidents safety.

"Planning ahead for critical days may be the most valuable use of biorhythm, since this can literally make the difference between life and death. But only 20 % of the days in your life are critical days, the other 80% are mixed days, whose character is very varied. You can plan your future to harmonize with your biorhythms for non-critical days. It makes sense, for instance, to try to set records on days when all three cycles are near their peaks and you have as much energy and ability as possible. Conversely, knowing that all three cycles are near the bottom of their negative phases is a clear indication that you cannot count on turning in an outstanding performance."
View Full Article:

Could Gravity Be Helping Some People Alter Gravity?

So what can we use to determine the influence of gravity affecting space time locally?  Let's take the world of weight lifting, which is a large mass that generates pressure that at the microscopic level may be affecting space time. Because we know that August is the month where earth's biorhythm peaks and that emotion is not limited by space and time, therefore, if a weight lifters emotional biorhythm is at their peak, they should experience positive results
Because August is the month where earth's biorhythm peaks, there should be world records set during this month. Which this research also confirms:
The greatest weight lifted with a human tongue is 12.5 kg (27 lb 8.96 oz) by Thomas Blackthorne (UK) who lifted the weight hooked through his tongue on the set of El Show Olímpico, in Mexico City, Mexico, on 1 August 2008

This anomaly has also been scientifically confirmed:
"How the average variability in Earth’s gravity field in August 2002 compared to the yearly average of 2001."
Source: Earth Observatory

Therefore because our time space is personal and each person experiences time differently (known as the temporal experience.), than during a favorable emotional biorythm period, we could possibly induce a time slip much easier or use this period to build a framework to accomplish a future goal.
Perhaps world records are set because this emotional energy builds up and becomes imprinted in the localized space/time environment, releasing itself at the right time through emotion, helping to achieve positive results.  
Stronger solar flux and KP levels  may also be of help, just as they have proven during the condition yellow exercises.


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