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Condition Red Visualization Toolbox - Fear/Stress/Anxiety Relief
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Understanding Where Fear Comes From and Eliminating It

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The Power of Fear

Fear is really just untapped creative energy. When we are about to do something that expands our horizons, or takes us further, usually fear will appear. The energy that drives this fear is really just another creative force of energy that we can harness to create our reality and maximize our potential. Fear can be a very creative force. We can use symbols such as a Hindu goddess Kali  or others that are always available to help shift the presence of fear on our planet so that it may be utilized as creative energy, rather than in destructive tendencies. So in praying for healing of planetary fears, we are in essence praying for the healing of our own fears - that we may become empowered through them, feed off them as Kali does, and use that energy to create. We could look at the fear that is arising on our planet at this time as a tremendously powerful creative force. It must be earned and it is earned through pushing through our comfort zone and when sensing that it is necessary for our growth to do so, preparing to release old ways, old relationships, old friendships, even our old selves in faith and trust that something far superior is on its way. When things are lost, it is because the universe/god or whatever this cosmic force is trying to tell us to have more faith in him/it, and more appreciation and gratitude for everything in our lives, telling us to be patient, that everything is working out for the common good of all. The release of our fears empowers us. This fear release exercise has helped me over the years and is best performed during condition blue, red and orange periods.

My research has shown that during condition red periods, fear manifests more often, especially the collective fear of the unconsciousness. I cover this phenomenon in more detail in my article Understanding Where Fear Comes From and Eliminating It Below are techniques that work to dissolve fear. Fear comes and goes in waves. So it can never really be fully eradicated until we fully understand it more. But the below techniques are a great coping mechanism.

Technique 1:

1: Visualize a clear sphere filled with the energies of love, wisdom and guidance.

2: See these energies turn into a brilliant white light.

3: Now see your fears welling up and flowing forth like a fountain of water coming up from the ground.

4: Now turn your fears over to the white light and see what you resist the most being dissolved and encompassed by the white light of wisdom.

5: See the sphere transmute the energies of fear into pure from the heart unconditional love and let yourself absorb this light.

6: Now see the sphere float out into the universe.

7: Now meditate on the white light of wisdom.

Technique 2: |

Empowering your Brainstem

1: Visualize a vibration starting in your brainstem area than turning into "waves".

2: Picture this wave of energy flowing from the top of your head and heading down to your feet.

3: Next visualize a wave of irregular vibration flowing throughout your whole body, than send a regular wave of vibration throughout your whole body.

4: Continue this until you feel the fear and darkness have subsided.

Technique 3:

1: Go to the darkest, shadowiest place you can find or a place you fear the most. This could be the worst part of a city or a place/situation you fear the most.

2: Next visualize yourself in a suit of armor and draw or visualize a circle around yourself. Stand or see yourself standing in the center of this circle.

3: Next raise your arms above your head and then down to your feet.

4: Next see yourself being filled with the white light as it encompasses you.

5: Call upon and invite this white light from the past, present and future to your present.

6: Fill your body with the spirit of life.

7: Than fill your body with the spirit of light.

8: See the mini light that already exists in the place you fear the most coming from the flower of life filling you.

Protection from Danger and Evil saying the 91st Psalm

Repeating the 23rd Psalm is a great protection tool. It has saved entire regiments from harm during war. Here is the Psalm:

"Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for thou art with me." --Psalm 23:4

The Lords Prayer

This works best at any time, but the results are magnified during condition blue periods.

There is much power when the Lords Prayer is repeated 3 times. It immediately creates a sense of peace and calmness over anyone who repeats it. Here is the Lords Prayer:The Lord's Prayer

Our Father, who art in heaven,

Hallowed be thy Name.

Thy kingdom come,

Thy will be done,

On earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread.

And forgive us our trespasses,

As we forgive those who trespass against us.

And lead us not into temptation,

But deliver us from evil.

For thine is the kingdom,

and the power, and the glory, for ever and ever.


When you feel powerless, say this, "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference". The names of angels, avatars, and saints have names that evoke spiritual power and energy. You can call upon these now higher beings to help you.

How to Remove the Fear of Flying

1 to 2 days before you take your flight, perform the following. This has worked so powerfully for me, that sometimes the planes were grounded, due to the mechanics finding 'mechanical issues' before takeoff or they will inspect the aircraft more than usual before taking off.

Here is the exercise:

1: Have gratitude and appreciation for the mechanics, pilots, flight attendants, and all the people who put together a safe & pleasant flight.

2: Next thank them in advance for helping you arrive safely at your destination.

3: Next see the energies of the president's plane (or the president of your country) in the United States Air Force One flowing into your flight.

See the same energies, thoughts, feelings and emotions that go into making Air Force One safe and sound, going into the specific flight that you will be on.

4: Picture the president's plane energies entering your flight and filling the plane in the necessary areas. See the health and safety of Air Force One surround your plane with a white glow of comfort, safety and pleasantry, and allow that glow to transfer over to the flight that you are catching. Visualize this until you feel a "click".

5: Now once again picture the flight mechanics, pilots and flight attendants, thanking them in advance for a safe and smooth flight.

Instant Tension Erasure in Neck and Upper Shoulders and Body Area

This exercise works best during condition Red periods.

If you sit behind a desk all day or work at the computer a lot, the upper part of your body has a tendency to get stiff and sore. By using these exercises, you will be able to quickly erase the tension, allowing you to focus more.

1: Visualize the stress and tension in your next and upper shoulder area flowing out like a small stream

2: See it flow out of your etheric body, and than out about 4 feet from your body

3: Now visualize a larger river and the small stream of stress flowing into this river and being carried away

4: This small stream takes away any stress and bad tension that exists

5: Now with a clear intent and power, perform a good grounding.

Grounding Hints: If having trouble funneling the cosmic energy, than visualize a gold top on your head attracting the cosmic energies.

Below is the Grounding Exercise

Grounding Energy

Groundings are a great way to increase the coming good into your life as well as your manifestation energies. It helps you get a clearer perspective of where you are headed.

1: Visualize a silver cord from your spine running deep down into the earth.
2: Now visualize earth energies running up this cord throughout your body and out into the cosmos.
3: Now see cosmic energy flowing down into your head, mixing harmoniously with all other energies and throughout your body and down your spine, along the silver cord and into the earth.
4: See both of these flows flowing harmoniously in both directions.
5: Now see your goal, feel, touch, taste and live it like it already exists.
6: DON'T TRY to force the images, just go with the experience.
7: Now let that image fade and repeat steps 1 through 4 with new separate, independent cords. 8: Continue seeing your goal in each new cord or "stream" of flowing in both directions until you feel a "lock" or "click".

It can take up to 3 or 7 times to get this "click". It depends on how much energy is going to need to be cleared.

If you have a migraine or headache, than with the palms of your hands, shake the palms of your hands vigorously around the sides, back and front and top of head in a smooth moving manner and the headache/migraine will usually disappear instantly.

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