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Now Available 2nd Edition. Published August 2017. Remote Viewing. The Complete User&¦39;s
Manual on Experiencing Future Consciousness

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Remote Viewing Technology


A complete summary of all 76 Remote Viewing Sessions, including
Hardware/Technology you can build to enhance your Remote Viewing Sessions.



FIRST EDITION PUBLISHED IN 2016. Read the first 3 Chapters Free


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Learning associative remote viewing is the key to discovering and living up to your true potential. The more you can envision your future accomplishments, the more confidence you will have, no matter how difficult they may seem. If we as a species cannot envision a better world we will soon find it hard to create one. By learning to associative remote view, anyone can learn of their potential in their own private space and at their own pace. Once this has been established, they will have proven to themselves that intuition really works.

From the author of ez3dbiz.com and founder of the Solar Institute, this 15th title is the brainchild of more than 60 remote viewing sessions of the stock market. This book includes explanations of the physics behind associative remote viewing and includes herbs, essential oils and binaural tone frequencies that enhance remote viewing. Presented in an accessible, logical and artful manner, this unprecedented guide includes reviewed links to brainwave MP3&¦65533;s that you can download to enhance your RV skills. Everyone has a degree of psychic ability, learn to explore and enjoy using that gift by mind journeying to distant places in time and space. Gain this power through this book. Remote Viewing is more than just a means of gathering information, the next step in remote viewing is associative remote viewing. This book is the only first authentic, complete and informative guide to associative remote viewing techniques published to date. This guide has been adapted for beginners and advanced students alike. This extraordinarily book teaches you how to teach yourself. A rare resource rich in comments, papers and resources, learn to create your own future by how you think about your future.

Peering Back in Time using Telepathy 

Telepathy is instant.  It is not bound by space and time.  This is why the CE-5 Initiative – Contact Expeditions work, because they contact beings from parts of our galaxy that would take our rocket ships years to reach. These beings pick up on telepathic thoughts and arrive to earth almost in real time.

Using Sirius as an example, if earth like planets exist near the star Sirius and they are inhabited, then people on these planets would see earth as it was 9 years ago due to the light waves. So people on Sirius are looking into earth&¦39;s past. So today as of 2016, if we were instantly transported to Sirius and looked at earth through a telescope, we would be looking at earth in the year 2007. Therefore if we could set up a movie camera that recorded a continuous movie of earth on a remote planet with a sun, and recorded earth for thousands of years and if we could interface our consciousness telepathically at saved portions of the movie, we could tune / look at earth earth as it existed years ago.  Distance = Length of Time Observed in the Past.

If we wanted to peer further back in time, and watch the extinction of the dinosaurs (65 million years ago), we need to have had a movie camera recording from a star 65 million light years from earth.  The star M61 located in the Virgo constellation just happens to be 65 million light years away.  If we could telepathically teleport our movie camera instantly to M61 and telepathically connect with our movie camera then we would be watching the real time extinction of the dinosaurs as it took place 65 million years ago. The real key would be to find a type of rock that could play back events and convert them into images, this would save us having to wait millions of years to peer further back in time.

Number of Pages - 361

Table of Contents


About the Author


What is the difference between remote viewing and associative remote viewing?


Welcome to the New Frontier


The Future


Using Associative Remote Viewing to Increase Productivity


Why I wrote this book


How to Get The Most Out of This Book


Unlock the Power Within




Exploring The Quantum Field


Photons that Exceed the Speed of Light


The Gap between Spirituality and Technology


Are we Living In A Hologram?




Chapter 1


Using Quantum Tunneling to receive messages from the Future


Emotions coming Back from the Future


The Heart Reacts to Future Events


Quantum Fields and Shapes


2012 Scientific Discovery confirms Time Reversal Symmetry Exists


Intention Transcending Time


Sending Intentions Backwards through Time


Forgiveness and Time Reversal Symmetry


Sending Intentions Through to Time to Heal


Sending Healing Energy to the Past


Sending Healing Energy to the Future




Teleportation and Frequency


Can Intuition be learned?



Chapter 2


Ophiuchus, 13:30LST and its Connection to 13:30LST


Ophiuchus is the constellation that rises in the east at 13:30LST


What are White Dwarf Stars?


Precognition, 13:30LST and Rapidly Rotating Stars


Meaning of the star Rasalhauge


VFTS 102 is located in the southern hemisphere


Astrology Attributes for the Ophiuchus Constellation -


Neighboring Constellations


After 13:30LST the period of Noise 


The Star Arcturus


The Story of How Arcturus Electrified Chicago


Other Facts about Arcturus



Chapter 3


Why Cycles of Cosmic Ray activity enhance Remote Viewing


What is Time Dilation?


Time and Its Effects Vary With Solar Activity


How Solar Activity Affects the Speed of Earth's Rotation


Cerenkov Radiation. Photons exceeding the speed of light.


Pressure Waves and Going Faster than Light


Perception Creates our Experience of the Flow of Time



Chapter 4


A Documented Account of Physical Time Travel into the Future


What Are Lenticular Clouds?


The Bermuda high (Azores high)


Winter and Air Pressure


What is Radiation Fog?


How Radiation Fog forms


Seasonal highs of Radiation Fog


Our DNA as a Hologram


Can Photons be used as a Source of Food?


The Quantum Field Moves in Spirals



Chapter 5


The Human Nervous System Anticipates Events In The Future


The Schumann Resonance and Reaction Times


Cases of Precedent Activity in Nature Preceding Earthquakes


The Human Nervous System and Low Frequency



Chapter 6


Infrared, Odors and Scents


Negative Emotions Produce Stronger Wavelengths in Time


What is Retro Priming


Scent as a Result of Oscillations


The Human Receiver


Infrared and Power Generation


Infrared Used in Healing and Therapy


Excess Infrared Emitted by the Gas Planets


The Human Transmitter

Chapter 7


Frequencies that Enhance the Results of Remote Viewing


Dreams, 40Hz Gamma and Coherence


Telepathy and Alpha Brainwaves


Binaural Beat Frequencies that Enhance Intuition



Chapter 8


Herbs and Essential Oils for Enhancing Remote Viewing


Essential Oils that Enhance Remote Viewing



Chapter 9


Solar and Weather Conditions for Prime Associative Remote Viewing Sessions


Environmental Conditions


Solar Weather


Cosmic Rays in Decline. The "Forbush Decrease


What is Time Dilation?




Basalt Acts as a Receiver for VLF


Moon Phase


Effects of Earth's North Pole Aligning with Celestial Objects


The Stars Vega and Polaris


The Aurora Borealis


My Theory (by the author)- 


What is Jupiter at Opposition?


What is Redshift?


Scientific Proof of Gravitational Waves


Middle Latitude Fredericksburg K-indices


What are Middle Latitude Fredericksburg K-Indices?


The Right Time


13:30 LST and Winter


Finding Your Intuitive Biorhythms


The Right Weather Conditions


High Tide


Dew Point


Air Pressure


My Hypothesis  (by the author).


Magnetic Midnight


What is Magnetic Midnight?


The Movie Midnight in Paris and Time Travel


Solar Tides and Midnight


Moon Phase


The Significance of the Ophiuchus Constellation at Midnight


The Significance of the Ophiuchus Constellation at Midnight


The Mars Effect


Earthquakes, Moon Phases and Comets


Solar Wind Speed and ARV Accuracy


A Tree Predicts the Weather






Negative Ions


What is Amplitude?


The Hartmann Grid


Coherence of our Earth



Chapter 10


Ratings of Environmental conditions Conductive to Successful ARV Sessions



Chapter 11


What is Infrasound?


What Materials Conduct Infrasound the Fastest?


Natural and Man Made Sources of Infrasound


What are the most common sources of Infrasound?


What are the Strongest Sources of Infrasonic Waves?


How far can Infrasound waves Travel?


How an Earthquake is Born


What Is Causing Disturbances In The Density Of Electrons In Earth's Ionosphere Preceding Earthquakes?


What is an OH Group?


What are Acoustic Gravity Waves?


A Balance of Ions


Energy Release as a Battery


Trees Sense Approaching Earthquakes


Basalt Acts as a Receiver for VLF


Ionospheric Disturbances and Earthquakes


Events involving Time and Gravity



Chapter 12


Light, Geomagnetism and Precognition




Light Sensitively and Geomagnetism


Photons and Magnetic Disturbances


Disturbances in Infrared Photons Prior to Earthquakes


An Introduction to Scaler Waves


What are Scalar Waves?


Who First Detected Scalar waves?


Scalar Waves and Starlight


The 12 Earthy Branches



Chapter 13


Coherence and Frequency


What is Coherence?


The 0.1Hz signal and Coherence


Facts about our Heartbeat


Too Much 0.1Hz Inhibits Successful Remote Viewing


What are Geomagnetic Pulsations?


Heart Rhythm Meditation


Dana Point California


0.1Hz in Metropolitan Cities and Urban Areas


Wind Speed and the 0.1Hz Frequency


What is Syzygy?


How is the 0.1Hz signal travelling from the ocean or rivers inland?



Chapter 14


The Human Cardiovascular System and Low Frequency


Frequencies Of The Human Cardiovascular System


Mayer Waves 


What are Mayer Waves?



Chapter 15


How do I generate Coherence?


Using HeartMath for Rejuventivity



Chapter 16


Stone Levitation, Wells and High Tides


Coral Castle


The American Stonehenge North Salem, New Hampshire




Nan Madol


The Great Pyramid of Giza


Zorats Karer


The Mystical Power of Wells


Sandstone and Oscillation


Electromagnetic Fluctuations from Planets


What is an Accutron Tuning Fork?


The Magnetic Fat Boy Boulders




Chapter 17


The 25% Anomaly and Gravity



Chapter 18


Moisture as a Medium for Conveying Information


The Power of Water


Water&¦65533;s Effect on the Environment and Emotions


Humidity and Emotions


What is the Dew Point?



Chapter 19


The Associative Remote Viewing Procedure


Predicting the Average Close or High


Locating the Date


The Morning Before Your ARV Session


Mid Afternoon


3 Or More Hours Before Your ARV Session


How Do I Generate Coherence?


How to Use Gauging to Find the Answer


Obtaining the Numerical Number the Dow will Close


Obtaining the Future Strength of the Dow




The Remote Viewing Envelope Technique


The Right State of Mind is Key to Associative Remote Viewing Success


Tips and Resources for Trading the Dow Jones Industrial Average


4 of the best Professional Stock Picking Services  


Studies Involving Remote Viewing the Markets




Chapter 20


Seasons, Gravity and Time.  Discoveries by the Astrophysicist Nikolai A. Kozyrev


Published Papers by N. A. Kozyrev


Rotation Increases Weight


Density and Time


Density and Telepathy


Torsion Effects and Time


Left Handed Torsion


Optical Rotation



Chapter 21


Moisture and Its Effects on the Density of Time


Without Large Stones a Spring Cannot Flow


Moisture Boosts Low Frequency Signals


Whistlers and VLF


The Moon and Moisture


Tides are Slowing Earth's Rotation


What is The Aether?



Chapter 22


Earth's Ionosphere, the Frequency of the Future


Sudden Ionospheric Disturbances during periods of quiet Geomagnetic Activity


How a Lightning Bolt Forms



Chapter 23


Magnetic Fields, Paramagnetic Materials, Angular Momentum and the Density of Time


Coconut Palm Leaves and Magnetic Activity


Population Behavior and Soil Type


Onions and Magnetic Activity




Uses of Tungsten


What is Resonance?


Matter Meets Anti-Matter



Chapter 24


The Round Towers of Ireland


A Close up of the Force of Paramagnetism


Density affects the rate at which time flows


Ideas are not ruled by Distance


The Self Repeating Universe


Viewing the Future Partly Assists in its Creation



Chapter 25


Delta And Theta Brainwave Frequencies, Where They Come From And Their Effects On The Body


Facts about Delta


An In-Depth Look At The Delta Frequency


Facts about Theta 


An In-Depth Look At The Theta Frequency


Dolphins and Alpha Waves


Intuition and Earth&¦65533;s atmosphere


Natural Sources of Delta and Theta



Chapter 26


An in-depth study of 40Hz Gamma Waves


The Refresh Rate of Thinking


Pink Noise


40Hz Synchronization in Nature


Pink Noise




Delta Brainwaves



Chapter 27


Maintaining the Proper Balance Of Brainwaves For Optimal Physical and Mental Well Being













Chapter 28


Interesting Facts about 0.1Hz


A summary of frequencies in the body:


0.1Hz in Nature


The 0.1Hz Signal and the Beach


The Ancient Egyptian Emerald Tablets



Chapter 29


Exercises for Health of the Cardiovascular System


Herbs that enhance Circulation and Enhance Night Vision



Additional Reading


Reports Confirming Repeating Patterns in Solar Activity and Human Events


KP (earth's geomagnetic activity) Links


Solar Wind Speed Forecasting Links



References. Book Citations Regarding Remote Viewing 


Remote viewing Experiments and Projects References


References Backwards in Time Retro Causation


Precognition References


References To Solar Activity And Length Of Day


TGD References (Topological Geometrodynamics)


Ionospheric Activity References


References. Disturbances In Earth&¦65533;s Ionosphere Preceding Earthquakes  


References. Gravity Waves during Solar Eclipses


References. Solar Activity and Earthquakes



References. Torsion Fields and Gravity Waves


Remote Viewing References


References. Distant Healing

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