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Positive Advancement towards Anti-Aging
For those of you following the condition yellow periods, I hope this published article can assist you in your research results.  This is a report on overnight rejuvenation of the physical and mental aspects of the human body on Febuary 2nd, 2013 during the major condition yellow event that occured. Ongoing research to increase the Amino acid content in the overnight rejuvenation formula mix has so far been yielding positive results.

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How to do the Deltrons Exercise

While standing or laying down facing east, I visualized the Deltrons that are in the air all around us, expressing the attributes of the condition yellow or condition green color. I than visualized these Deltrons aligning themselves with the Cygnus Constellation, which is roughly overhead during late evening in October, and than visualized my heart/soul area aligned with the Deltrons and absorbing this new energy. I next visualized these Deltron attributes as a super-charged force from cosmic and earthbound forces realigning my cells and healing the DNA of my body with health, harmony and enhanced health and well being.  I than visualized that new revitalizing energy flooding my heart/soul area with that new energy coming from the alignment. If you don't want to experience your soul flooding with this energy, than hold your arm out with fingers open, aligned with the Cygnus constellation and visualize this energy flowing down your arm and into your body. Next I visualized the Deltrons fully expressing the attributes of the condition yellow or green color. I than allowed these Deltrons to express these attributes to their highest potential in the local geographic region I live in, while visualizing or "willed" them manifesting this potential into my surroundings. The next morning I spent a few minutes recognizing on how refreshed and revitalized my body felt. This than compeltes the exercise. Whenever I do this exercise during condition yellows or greens in October, the results are fantastic. I can't give words, as to the incredible energies that need only activation by our consciousness during this time. Perhaps it is the Amino Acids reacting with our consciousness and high gamma rays that is creating this. View an Index of the Brightest Stars. I believe the energy is greatest when this star is overhead. This visualization exercise works best when not overdone, but done 2 to 3 times after 5 to 10 minute pauses. This can then be repeated every 2 to 3 hours while Cygnus is still visible in the night sky. The Deltrons exercise also works best just after a condition orange, at the first start of entering a condition green.


Learn about How Other People Tapping the Energy from the Stars:


What Are Deltrons?

The day of February 3rd, 2013 the condition yellow procedure hadn't begun until approximately 12 hours into the condition yellow.  Condition yellow overnight rejuvenation procedures are most effective within the first 6 hours, however the large KP values during this event did leave a strong enough charge affect so fairly good results were obtained within a 12 to 18 hr window.

Because we are so used to working with the Cygnus/Vega/Ophiuchus constellations, which are most powerful when rising at sunset from late September to December, it was impossible to align with this particular constellation during sunset at this time of year. However, an interesting discovery was noted. The constellation Sirius/Orion is exactly 180 degrees opposite the Vega/Cygnus/Ophiuchus constellation.

When the milky way galaxy, which includes Cygnus/Vega/Scorpio, drops over the horizon, psychic pre-cognition involving remote viewing is enhanced considerably.

Research indicates that LST (Local Sidereal Time) is a factor in the magnitude of psi-related phenomena. Glenn Wheaton of HRVG has noted that 13:30 LST does have a positive effect on remote viewing.
Source: Remote

If higher KP values boost future precognition (remote viewing), then similar higher KP value type evenuts must be occurring during this setting of the Milky Way over the western horizon. Another interesting correlation is that as the Milky Way sets over the western horizon, exactly 180 degrees opposite of it, rising on the east is the Sirius/Orion constellations

This means that Sirius/Orion rising in the east is a significant anti-aging constellation, whose energies can be tapped as we show in this article. If remote viewing focus is stronger during this time, it also means that while performing the condition yellow exercises during these celetial risings, it may explain the increased mental rejuvenation associated with it.

So we have begun working with these rejuvenative energies during sunset and midnight starting around mid January. Given the historical significance of Sirius and its relationship to human DNA, as well as its DNA style of orbit around the twin stars and the coincidence it just happens to be exactly 180 degrees opposite Cygnus/Vega, the experiment had to be tried. I have been testing the condition yellow Deltrons exercise for the past 3 condition yellows using the Sirius/Orion constellation.
View Article Sirius as the Source of Creation:

In my latest book Solar Visualization Tools for Health and Prosperity, I go into greater detail about how to properly use constellations for age reversal.

So after performing the condition yellow exercise, which consisted of the following:

Performed 40 minutes of moderate physical exercise than took some sunflower seeds with spring water.

For dinner took cottage cheese & light canned Tuna (next time will test uncalled variety to avoid processed foods). Both Tuna and Cottage cheese are very high in the 9 essential amino acids.

Next took Spring water and 3 Spirulina capsules.

One hour later at sunset took the following;

2 pinches of Himalayan salt, 1 1/2 Teaspoons of sesame seeds. 1 Teaspoon of b-yeast. 1 egg white, 1 Teaspoon of Cod Liver oil, 1 Vitamin E capsule and 1 potassium Glutonate capsule.  Before drinking this mixture a mental visualization picturing the rising constellation of Sirius and it's energies entering the drink listed above and charging it with its constellative energies. After drinking this amino acid combination, a jolt of rejuvenation energy was immediately experienced within the body.

Immediately after performing the above, just as the Star Sirius was rising over the Eastern horizon, I performed the rejuveative Deltrons consciousness thought exercise while standing on the bare soil. All these exercises are done outdoors and close to nature where this energy seems strongest.
View Article: What Are Deltrons?

I than repeated the Deltrons exercise again 20 minutes later while in bed just before sleep. All Deltrons exercises were performed facing east just as Sirius was rising over the eastern horizon.

I have also had much success using the Quantum Entrainment exercise to help bring tremendous healing and vitality to the body during this time.


Within hours of performing the condition yellow exercises the following was noted:

Thought and Consciousness Effects:

Extremely Lucid Dreams. My consciousness/thoughts are significantly enhanced. Problem solving skills are improved. If I focus on something I have laser sharp mind power to quickly come up with solutions.

Physical Effects:

Besides the enhanced mental ability the following was reported:

* Significantly enhanced hearing ability
* Strength of vision and eyes significantly enhanced/restored
** Toothache I had been gradually healing over the past few days using my proven natural methods vanished. Yes I mean overnight, toothache and cavity pain VANISHED> .

This had been bugging me the last 3 days, and was gradually fading due to natural re-mineralization, but the condition yellow finally healed it up. Yay, I can now go back to my chocolate binges again! (just kidding).
* Ability for body to absorb nutrients from eating food significantly enhanced (this is always powerful). This significantly boosts the immune system, so the next morning taking foods high in Vitamin C, swats the circulating flu  virus much more effectively.
* All minor signs of arthritis completely evaporated completely again (which is common during this exercise).
* Physical stamina and energy significantly restored.
* Muscles and nervous system significantly strengthened
* Areas of the body harboring fat turned into muscle.

Also during this particular condition yellow exercise time felt much more compressed than usual, possibly due to the rising sunspots. I go more into detail about this in my article titled Using the Sun as a Time Machine.

Summary: Simply put, the rejuvenation results which had been obtained from working with the Cugnus/Vega constellations from late September into early December the results were almost identical, except for the fact that a significantly enhanced mental component is associated in using the rising Sirius constellation. This is possibly because the sun begins its northward journey starting after the December Solstice, giving the Deltrons a stronger mental component.

Please note as a comparison over the years, I have done multiple condition yellow deltron exercises when no condition yellow had occured and never felt overnight rejuvenative effects.

There is one fact that you will discover over time after working with calling in the Sirius Energies.  That is you will begin to receive insights and ideas that will help humanity overall. They may not make you a lot of money at first, but if you keep following these insights or "messages" received from Sirius, you will eventually gain a pretty good income from solving problems that humanity is plagued with.  (For some reason when the moon is in perigee, the results are amplified). These insights come in the the form of insights to solving complex problems and creating solutions.  I am firmly convinced that when you open your mind to receiving this energy emanating from this part of our galaxy, it has incredible and tremendous healing potential for not only ourselves, but also for our planet as a whole.  Sirius I believe is a good star, emanating good energy necessary to defeat the darkness that earth can sometimes be plagued with. 

The Dog Star is also described as "he who awakens the gods of the air, and .... Could this have been a reflection of the great rivers of energies streaming out from Sirius?

Below I give the constellation positions calculated for the state of Oregon U.S.A. The most powerful times are rising and overhead. All positions obtained using the Google android sky ap.  All rising and zenith periods are approximate according to the season:

October to December
Sunset - Cygnus/Vega Zenith (directly overhead), Sirius headed towards Nadir (directly under earth’s orbit)
1:00 am - Sirius rising over the eastern horizon, Cygnus/Vega headed just past Zenith (directly overhead)

January to March
Sunset - Sirius rising over the eastern horizon, Cygnus/Vega setting on the western horizon
Midnight - Cygnus/Vega sets in the north, 1:00 a.m. Sirius sets on the western horizon.(no zenith observed, similar path as the winter sun).

March to May
Sunset - Cygnus/Vega setting in the Northern horizon and Sirius is way past the Zenith (past its energy peak).

10:00 pm Cygnus/Vega rises above northern horizon heading easterly with Sirius /Orion setting west (due to the winter period, no zenith of Sirius is observed this time of year).
Midnight - Cygnus/Vega rises above northern horizon, Sirius/Orion setting on Western Horizon.

June to August
Sunset - Sirius setting on western horizon, Cygnus/Vega rising in the east
Midnight - Cygnus/Vega Zenith. Sirius Nadir (directly underneath earth)
.PLEASE NOTE SIRIUS/ORION rises at sunrise in early July, but because it does not do so at sunset or around midnight, which are the prime rejuvenation windows, they are not mentioned here.

September to October
Sunset - Cygnus/Vega Zenith. Sirius Nadir
Midnight - Sirius rising in the east, Vega setting in the north.

So practicing the condition Yellow exercises at sunrise or midnight according to these times is mist powerful.


Because the Emerald Tablets exercises performed from September to December, as well as the constellative exercises, we can conclude that the higher Sirius/Orion and Cygnus/Vega rise in the sky, peaking at Zenith, the more Deltrons gather in the air we breathe, which can be used for overnight anti aging effects.

Most importantly of all the suns perihelion (which is the time of year earth revolves closest to the sun) peaks in early January each year, adding more physical rejuvenation effects when the Deltrons energy exercise is performed. So October the emerald tablets energy peaks and Late January the Deltrons exercise energy peaks. All exercises are performed according to the body's natural restoration and detoxification rhythums.

The body's natural cycle is detoxification from 4 am to 11 am and repair of the body is from sunset to about 3 am, which is why these exercises and formula is taken at sunset or around midnight.

Final Conclusion

Much like the physical rejuvenation effects that occur from working with the Cygnus/Vega constellations, the Sirius/Orion constellation energy seems to have an added mental rejuvenation effect associated with it as mentioned easier, possibly due to its historical link to DNA and the stronger sun energies.

Because these rejuvenation energies occur strongest from sunset to midnight, when the body repairs itself while at rest quickest and strongest, Sirius rising at sunset makes it a perfect match with the Cygnus/Vega constellation.

Also during the last few years I have been using a mixture called the Chitosan Mix which consists of the following:

2 Chitosan Tablets (ground up)
0.5 to 1/2 Part Himalayan Salt (ground up)
2 Parts Onion Powder
1 Part Comfrey Powder
2 Parts Brewers Yeast
1 Part Basil (ground up)
1 Part Dried Parsley (ground up)
1 Part Oat Powder

However with the latest discoveries being it is the amino acids, and the calcium carbonate being the main overnight rejuvenating component, by using the formula listed above, which is not only high in amino acids, but creates contains amino acid synergizes, we can conclude that the results so far indicate that this particular combination is showing more positive results than the Chitosan mix alone. Possibly the increased calcium carbonate mix yields better results when taken from late September to November and more amino acids from December to March.

I strongly believe based on research over the past 3 years that these rare condition yellow periods which occur with significant strength on average every 7 to 14 days are rare periods where our consciousness and thoughts interact with rising constellations. In this case connecting with the rejuvenating constellations of Sirius or Cygnus

This consciousness is programming the amino acids, which are the fundamental building blocks of life, and because concentration and focus are so highly charged during these rare windows, they are causing such powerful bursts of rejuvenative energy to be felt within the body. As a side note, Cygnus/Vega and Sirius/Orion just happen to be areas in the night sky that emit large amounts of x-rays and are some of the brighter stars in the night sky. I believe it is the intensity of these stars and their energy that is responsible for the significant healing/rejuvenative effects. does not test on animals, so no danger to nature’s pets occurred during the time period this research event took place.

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