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How the Sun Drives our Emotions and How to Use it to Create Change - A Guide for Lawyers, Policeman and others working with members of the public - Return to Homepage

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 Lower or Declining Periods of Sunspot Activity show Less Random Acts of Violence

View the Condition Color Easy to Identify Table. This chart simplifies the process of understanding the condition cycle currently occuring.

 Human Emotion and Behaviour is strongest affected at the first few hours of a new condition color combined with the yearly period

It is a fact that our sun creates multiple chemical reactions in nature on earth such as photosynthesis and the creation of Vitamin D in our bodies. These chemical reactions also affect relationships among people. A fine example is after doing a chakra balancing, the bodies electrochemical balance has changed for the better.  
Quote from J.E. Ante
"This discordant light energy is from the intense solar energy of the sunspots. This light energy is much more powerful and intense and not yet blended with the rest of the solar body of energy within the sun. It has a much more higher pitch and intensity which humans are not accustomed to experiencing.
During periods of heightened solar activity, the more people you encounter and deal with on a daily basis, the more a specific condition color manifests, and you feel the effects of that particular condition color for that day. The more prepared you are, the luckier your day will be.
Once this is understood, you can apply the tools to use the condition color to guide you through the day and in many cases make a success of the day. Examples include..if you did a large amount of public speaking or  selling, your audience would react much more favorable to your presentation during recent condition blue and green periods, and in some cases condition yellow period.  If you were a police officer working the streets, your encounters with the public during emergency situations would be much worse during condition orange periods, and your health might suffer from a depleted immune system during condition red periods, due to the increased amount of stress that occurs during condition red periods. An excellent example is a bus driver who may get so stressed out driving a bus that he just "walks off" the bus and walks away. There are multiple cases of this occurring where the bus driver just "walks off".  This is because he / she is interacting with hundreds or even thousands of people each day, and if he / she is not prepared for a strong condition orange, will let it get to him / her. 
Here is just one recent example:
Driver Gets Off Bus in Rural Missouri & Leaves Passengers Stranded For 8 Hours - Published November 20th 2011
November 20th, was a time of high solar wind speeds.
Here is another incident:
Kids: School Bus Driver Walked Off, Left Keys In Ignition - Published October 18th 2011
October 18th was during a higher solar wind period.  A qualification for a condition orange.
Because 2011 is during a period of increasing solar activity, we can expect to see more stronger condition orange periods until late 2014, when the energy starts to decline. I cover this in greater depth in my research page titled: How Excessive Geomagnetic Energy Causes Psychological Outbreaks of Violence 
Ir you were a lawyer arguing your case before a jury, you would win more cases by knowing in advance the condition color for the day. If it was a condition orange, you would prepare yourself to have more mental calm and speak in a more softer tone or use other techniques that avoid major confrontational activity. If it was a recent condition blue or green, chances or winning your case would be much more favorable if you used focused on achieving efficiency coupled with clear intention in your arguments.
Condition blue energy works well with the Internet and computers, which can replicate the power of intention quite well during recent condition blue periods. If you have a website with numerous visitors, making a video during a recent condition blue or green period will receive a more favorable response, than if it had been recorded at a condition red period. These are just a few examples of how condition colors can be used for health and creating successful results towards goals.


Some people are not affected by these solar energies, and usually these are people who have done the same job over the years and have naturally mentally prepared themselves to the negative situations they encounter. These people are the ones you find in higher positions of power and were promoted due to their being able to be mentally prepared ahead of time. Just like any job takes experience, over time you get better at it. By using the solar forecast, it can assist you on your way to better prepare yourself for situations you encounter. This helps you achieve perfection in your profession faster.

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