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How the Process Works
Let's begin by showing how nature uses the process, as we are also made from the same materials nature is made of. It is a well known fact that Algae Blooms, especially in Northern California are strongest from February to March. This happens to be the time that the sun is “increasing in strength” or the energy of the sun is just starting to grow stronger. At this site, showing 50+ years of adjusted solar flux observations shows the solar flux (when solar flares are more common) always show stronger activity around March and September each year.

Each condition period becomes "stimulated" or receives more energy and becomes amplified when there are between 4 and 8 C class solar flares, when 80 or 160 sunspots are present or when the S Class flares number 8 or higher. When any of these conditions overlap each other they cause a "synergy", which amplifies the condition to extreme maximum. This synergy could apply to any condition resulting in a more negative condition or a more positive condition. This also means that February/March happen to be the best times of year to rebuild the body via exercise. March also happens to be the time of year that Tibetan New Yearbegins.This period to rebuild the body via exercise also occurs just before a solar flare, with the “C” class flare numbers being between 4 and 8. Now let's take a look at natural fertilizers that stimulate plant growth. One of these is called "Superthrive”. It is high in “B” Vitamins, the same vitamins that Algae use to feed on. Foods that we consume, that are packed with “B” Vitamins are Aloe, Ormus, Brewers Yeast and Spriulina. These are also commonly used for stress reduction.

One of the best times to exericse, is at the very start when the suns 10.7cm solar flux becomes active. When you exercise during this time, recovery from exercise is greatly increased. When the sun's solar flux suddenly "drops", recovery from exercise takes far longer than usual.

The “Life Force Stimulation Phase”
I believe that this stimluation period has a dual polarity, it can heal the body or it can create mental havoc, leading to destruction in the individual or a community, as our How Excessive Geomagnetic Energy Causes Psychological Outbreaks of Violence article shows.

There are 2 parts to the Stimulation/Renewal phase that take place within the body. The first is the “physical” renewal, in which you do resistance exercise. The second is the “internal renewal” at which time you do the Ancient Egyptian Pole Balancing Exercise, also known as Tablet #13. The Keys to Life and Death by Toth. When the physical stimulation period “overlaps” with the internal renewal period when doing the Ancient Egyptian Pole Balancing Exercise, the energies are extremely high and strong, thus creating very powerful healing and renewal effects upon the body.

It has been noted from research that doing the above exercises excessively, or at the wrong times can overstimulate the immune system, leading to allergies and other unnecessary problems. In conclusion performing physical exercise to rejuvenate the body just before a solar flare when the C class flares are between 4 and 8 is strongest, as shown as a condition yellow on this site. To rejuvenate the body via the ancient Egyptian pole balancing exercise it is best done when the C Class flares are dropping and reach between 8 and 4 C class flares, as in the condition green shown on this site.

The Physical Renewal Phase

This is when there are between 4 and 8 C Class solar flares and when the X-Ray Background Flux Levels are around 4.1 and dropping to a maximum of 3.8. Because Ormus is stimulated by the energy from the sun, if we take Ormus during these periods, it also stimulates our bodies into a rejuvenative state. This would also explain the amazing rejuvenative charge effect created when placing a thin slab of granite on the chest while facing south and holding in the rejuvenative “white light”. (Do a search for ancient Egyptian pole balancing exercise to learn more about this technique). And that the rejuvenative energy overall during these periods is super powerfull during these stimulation periods.

Whenever the solar wind has recently "jumped" after being at low speeds for a while, the pineal gland becomes stimulated. By doing any of these 3 tasks, you will feel this regenerative charge strongest the next morning, because the pineal gland is strongest in the mornings. 1: Taking the herbal mix formula #2 (as shown on the condition red page ). 2: Performing moderate resistance exercise and taking Spirulina, Sesame Seeds, Garlic and Guar Gum Powder and drinking lots of spring water throughout the day.

By drinking lots of spring water to make the body alkaline it “retains” this rejuvenative charge. As Stanford Researchers have shown: “A new invention by a group of Stanford scientists applies a charge to alkaline freshwater in order to produce electricity. Initially, the battery is filled with freshwater (alkaline water) and a small electric current is applied to charge it up." View the Article at the Stanford Website

The “Internal Renewal Period”

From November to April, when there are between 4 and 8 C Class Solar flares and the KP levels have been quiet for a while and than start “rising” or are higher than usual, on that day the “white light” rejuvenative energies are substantially higher. It seems that the higher KP levels act as a booster for these rejuvenative energies. They even override the higher X-Ray Background Flux Levels above 4.0 (which is usually a condition red period), as long as the pole balancing is done every 2 days. I believe this occurs because new rejuvenative energy from the sun is returning. I like to think of this higher KP energy as a white knight defeating the forces of darkness.

Other boosters are the solar wind speed recently "leaping" (especially after being at low speeds for a while) and when the 2mev Proton levels are above 8.0 or higher. If the above “physical renewal” period overlaps with this period (such as between 4 and 8 C Class Solar Flares with X-Ray Background Flux Levels at 4.1 or below), you can feel the energies of renewal at extremely high velocities when doing the Ancient Egyptian ancing Exercise (see page 11 of the book Immortality Realized Book for how to do this exercise properly).

Another interesting correlation showing how the right energy intensities stimulate rapid healing and high levels destory is that of the suns UV index, which consists of photons. Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp showed that when the UV levels of light have less intensity, DNA repair of the body takes place. It was only when harsh, unfiltered UV light was used on DNA, did damage occur. View Research Article: Are Humans Really Beings of Light?

How it Works:

It is at these key periods that the pituary/pineal gland becomes "renewed" giving it the energy to rejuvenate our body. As the solar wind “jumps” it is stimulating the pituitary gland in our body, which is responsible for the rejuvenation of our body. The Pineal Gland has also been shown to affect the immune system Other interesting facts are that Vitamin E is stored in high amounts in the pituitary gland and the adrenals and Vitamin E and C protection against solar radiation. Because the solar wind pushes and stretches Earth's magnetic field into a vast, comet- shaped region called the magnetosphere, when it gains speed suddenly it affects the pituitary gland, which in turn affects our immune system.

The Danger Periods

As for the “condition red” periods mentioned on this site, the body is most vulnerable always at the first condition red period or when 8 or more C Class Solar flares start suddenly after the sun has been quiet for a while. This occurs most powerfully around February to April and again from August to September. To test this for yourself, do pole balancing when there are 8 or more C Class Solar flares and the X Ray Background Flux Levels are above 5.0, and also take some wheat, large amounts of peanut butter or raw peanuts at this time. You will feel that the energies occurring, instead of being "renewing" will make your body feel very nauseous or your body will have an "allergic" reaction. Than try doing it again when there are between 4 and 8 C Class Solar Flares with the X-Ray Background Flux Levels below 4.0. You will find instead that the energy is renewing, stimulating and recharges the body with extreme health.

To illustrate this, think of a giant bell being rung, and the high number of solar flares representing the “gong” sound. It takes time for the body to get used to this new resonance. This “shock” is most powerful around early springtime. Just as the regenerative period mentioned above is also most powerful around spring time when the C Class Flares reach between 4 and 8. So at this time of the year you get both extremes. You just need to know when to watch for when they occur and take corrective action as needed to avoid extreme disease or create exuberant health.

Another interesting feature of the “stimulation” factor is that certain herbs and essential oils that heal allergies, and are cancer fighters have also been shown to stimulate the body. The “allergy” cure formula shown on the condition red page is made up of herbs that stimulate the body. And I believe that these herbs “come alive” or are most potent in healing the body during the periods when there are between 4 and 8 C class solar flares and the x-ray background levels are approaching 4.0 or less. This is possibly why the body regenerates itself strongest during these periods.

Herbal Mix #2 shown on the condition red page includes all these herbs that have been proven to stimulate circulation in the body: Clove, Cumin, Cinnamon, Spearmint, Peppermint, Thyme, Sage, Basil, Parsley, Rosemary stimulates circulation. Herbal formula #1 also contains circulation herbs and when combined with brewers yeast and is taken during “condition red” periods when there are a high number of solar flares and high levels of xray background flux levels, also has circulation properties. It’s possible that during periods of high solar activity, the body becomes over-stimulated at these times, taking the right herbs helps move this energy around the body at the right speeds, thus promoting healing and regeneration from within, using the energies of the sun as a fuel source.

So if the body is stimulated during this time, does it also “charge” non-life forms?. That answer is yes. And this is how I believe they built the great pyramids, as well as Stonehenge and other great stone monuments. Using Lunar phases there is another phase that creates a stimulation of energy and that is 4 days after the new moon, ½ moon phases towards perigee and when the constellation sagitarrius is directly overhead (which is a time of increased cosmic ray activity). During this time materials that become “Charged” the most are granite, and limestone, or similar paramagnetic materials. Verification of this can be found in Edward Leedskalins “Moon Garden” where he carved out of stone the ½ moons and crescent moons. For those of you that don’t know, Edward Leedskalin built coral castle, which is made of hundreds of tons of coral limestone, which was built only by this one man, Edward Leeskalin. Coral Castle also lays on a Ley Line, and it is very likely this “stimulation” occurs strongest along earths Ley Lines during these periods.

Another verification of this "energy" that stimulates explains why frogs and toads are found living perfectly healthy lives inside sealed stones made of paramagnetic materials. Entombed Animals also see Amazing cases of living frogs, toads and lizards found encased within solid rock

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