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This exercise has always worked for me, especially during the spring time. Face your full face into the sun with your eyes closed if the sun is above the horizon (or use a cap for eye protection), allowing allow the energy of the sun to flow through your heart, flooding your body and soul.  See this energy filling it with whatever properties you are seeking. If it is more health, visualize the energy of the sun flooding the cells of your body with powerful healing energy, and seeing your body already in perfect healing shape.  If you want a day of prosperity, than visualize this energy growing your finances or sending you more clients and business. Another way is to visualize yourself "cashing in" on your efforts that have been helping you achieve more money in your life.   If you want your day to go smooth, see the energy giving you more faith and trust that things will go well for the day. Once you feel you have enough of this energy, than connect yourself with this energy.  Just allow yourself to feel a mental connection with this energy. Once you have connected with this energy you are done.

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An excellent analogy is that during these condition periods a certain type of "mind fuel" is in the air, so when you perform a mind meditation exercise related to peace during condition greens, the energy of peace is amplified.  When you perform an exercise related to healing or discovery during condition blue periods, your body will heal faster than usual and you will make more than usual discoveries, etc. So what ever mind exercise you perform during the current condition color will amplify the properties of that current cycle. The most powerful times this exercise gets results is during the first 24 hours of a condition cycle, as demonstrated during condition yellows, which "spike" the Dow Jones.  Another powerful period is during Spring time.

This Report titled The Types of Energies Coming From the Sun and How To Interpret Them shows how each cycle creates the current conditions that unfold during a particular cycle.

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