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How Solar Condition Colors Relate to the Yin and Yang Concept of Health and Healing

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If we choose to look at peak Yang and Yin energy during sunspot solar cycles, we can see that at the peak of a sunspot cycle is when Yang energy is strongest, after the peak of a sunspot cycle, as it starts to decline, those flooded with yang energy (this could include the stock markets, businesses, or similar large entities), now become flooded with excess Yin energy. This now creates an rushing, fast paced imbalance of having more Yin energy rushing in, until a balance of Yin and Yang energy occurs again. This means the most balance between Yin and Yang are during years when peace, rather than violence reigns, which is periods 4 and 1. You can read about these periods on the cycles page.

Certain cities have yin and yang properties. New York is a Yang City and Portland Oregon a Yin city. So if you lived in Portland or and wanted a successful career, a yang type career, such as lawyer would bring balance to the environment, helping you succeed, or if in business, a doctor or auto body shop or brewery would be a success. If your lawyer job got too excessive, than you would spend some time volunteering to bring balance to your career. If your auto body shop job got too excessive you would introduce more Yin qualities for a period of time until you regained balance. This would include writing or more time with your wife or girlfriend etc. For health, during winter in New York or Oregon, more yang foods and more yin foods in summer. Especially if you have arrived less than 30 days where your body has not yet got used to the environment.

The cycles of solar radiation emitting from our sun follow the following cycle, which govern the movement of QI Gong energy throughout our body. It is already scientific confirmed fact that solar conditions affect health and healing, as the Harvard Study shown at the following address has proven:

Below I give a summary of the Condition Colors and the Highs and Lows of Yin and Yang Energy.  Condition Colors may be found at the following address:

Condition Purple - At the first sign of a condition purple, lasting 24 to 72 hours, Yin and Yang energy become balanced. After 3 days this balance starts to lean more towards more Yang Energy heading into a condition blue period.

Condition Blue - The first 24 to 72 hours of a condition blue lead up to slightly more Yang energy, with a slight reduction in Yin Energy. After 3 to 4 days or more, this energy than starts to build further heading into a condition red period, resulting in an energetic peak of Yang energy.

Condition Red - At the peak of a condition red period, especially the first 24 to 48 hours, an excess of Yang energy becomes prevalent.  This is a period of minimal Yin energy.  This is the peak of energetic Yang energy, which than starts its decline towards a Condition Green period. During late spring into summer, this energetic peak lasts longer than usual.

Condition Green - The energetic peak energy from the previous condition red starts to decline. The first 48 hours during a Condition Green are where the Yang and Yin energies are once again temporarily in balance. After between 48 and 72 hours, the energy starts to decline further, heading towards more excessive Yin energy and much less Yang energy.

Condition Orange - After 48 to 72 hours of a Condition Orange, excessive Yin energy starts to manifest, and a lack of Yang energy becomes minimal. After approximately 72 hours or more, this period starts to head towards a condition purple where the cycle than repeats itself over again. During late summer into fall, this energetic peak lasts longer than usual.

Condition Yellows - These are unique periods.  They are periods of excess Yin energy, which can be overcome by performing the condition yellow exercise or other exercises that increase Yang energy.  It is a period where energies from the cosmos and constellations make themselves felt stronger than usual.

Energetic Peaks in Nature and Chemical Reactions

Energetic peaks have been shown to occur in the suns solar flux, causing major highs and lows in the stock market and 911 and Boston bombings as our reseach has shown. This means we have 3 layers of Peaks.  Peaks of Sunspots, Peaks in the Suns Solar Flux and Peaks in earths Geomagnetic Activity.  This article goes into more detail about these peaks. These peaks also occur in micro energetic peaks of the suns solar flux, which we have accuractely used to forecast major highs and lows in the Dow Jones Markets. At these peaks is when major changes occur. It is like things speed up to this junction, than reverse themselves at these peaks. These peaks can become amplified during super moon perigees, which have been shown to cause earthquakes and tsunamis. Also we make the miracle healer Ormus by creating a peak in saltwater.  This peak chemical reaction occurs when the salt water is made more alkaline.  At this junction a peak is formed, that extracts the super healing elements from the salt water.

Additional Factors Concerning the Yin and Yang Energy

As the body ages, the Yin energy becomes depleted.  The depleted energy of Yin energy becomes felt strongest from March to May, or during Spring into early Summer.  That is why taking more Yang type herbs and foods work best during this time, especially if you are over 40 years of age.

Vegetarians are most at risk for excess Yin energy occurring in their system, which can be cured by eating more Omega 3's, cottage cheese, Organic Tofu, Organic Pinto Beans or other Plant based proteins.

The liver is a yin organ, which is mostly affected during the Spring and early Summer period, which explains why taking Yang herbs that help the liver are most beneficial to take during this time.


The Equinoxes and Solstices and Peaks of Yin and Yang

During these periods of the year, the 2 energies of Yin and Yang have an expansion and constrictive effect upon the organs, just like you breathe in and out each second.

Yang energy starts to build and increase in its energy starting at Winter solstice, reaching its peak at the Spring equinox, where it starts to decline finally ending at the Summer Solstice. 

At the Summer solstice, the Yin energy starts to build and increase itself, reaching a peak during the September Equinox, where it than slowly decreases until the Winter solstice, where the cycle than repeats itself.

This means a condition red in Spring creates maximum Yang energy in the body, especially if your job or profession is Yang related, such as Retail Sales, Jobs that reflect Consumer Confidence, such as Auto Manufactures and Wholesale Distributors etc. If you were to become more stressed during period, the excess Yang energy would lead to disease and illness.

The opposite is also true.  During the September Equinox, excess Yin energy is present.  Signs of excess Yin energy can leave one feeling vulnerable, or a lack of this balance can leave the person feeling vulnerable to abuse and increased depression.  These are related to the condition orange periods, listed earlier, which our research has shown that the Boston Marathons and 911 Attacks occurred during Condition Orange periods.

Another example of combining these 2 systems to accelerate healing and health, is just say we want to build stronger bones. Because the Kidneys are a Yin organ.

During Winter, there is naturally an excess of Yin energy prevalent in the healthy body, so we want to add just slightly more Yang type herbs or Yang Tonics to increase the balance between the 2.  This is because Yang herbs rebuild Tendons and Bone.

So in conclusion, we can build a very simple and powerful healing system based using these 2 distinct categories of energy, by keeping them in balance and understanding the causes of excess and lack.

An excellent book that is goes into more detail is the book: George Soulie De Morant. Chinese Acupuncture. Translated to English.

More about the seasons and Yin and Yang of the organs can be found at this address:

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