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Seasonal and Yearly Cycles of Collective Intuition 

If our calculations are correct, and between 2016 and 2017 there is another stock market crash, than if it occurs around late 2016 there will be no outbreak of violence or mass riots taking place. Instead, expect a smooth solution to solve the problems of a crash in the markets. This is because we will be entering period 4, which is a time where the energy fueling violence and war turns into peace and rest.

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How the Solar Condition Colors Relate to the Yin and Yang Concept of Health and Healing

View the Condition Color Easy to Identify Table. This chart simplifies the process of understanding the condition cycle currently occuring.

During World War I, . L. Tchijevsky, a Russian professor of Astronomy and Biological Physics who continued his studies at the war front, noticed that particularly severe battles regularly followed each solar flare during the sunspot peak period of 1916-17. Tchijevsky found that fully 80% of the most significant events occurred during the 5 years of maximum sunspot activity. You can read part of Tchijevsky's Work titled "How the Solar Cycles Modulate History" at this link. Backup Link. Tchijevsky divided the eleven year sunspot cycle into four periods:

Period 1  : -    (approximately 3 years, minimum sunspot activity). Peace, lack of unity among the masses, election of conservatives, autocratic, minority rule.

Period 2:-  (approx. 2 years, increasing sunspot activity). Increasing mass excitability, new leaders rise, new ideas and challenges to the elite. This is the season we are in now as of 2012. As you can see at the
bottom of this page that the sunspot activity is increasing and has not yet reached its peak.

Period 3 -  (Approximately 3 years, maximum sunspot activity). Maximum excitability, election of liberals or radicals, mass demonstrations, riots, revolutions, wars and resolution of most pressing demands. This is the current period we are in as of 2012.

Period 4 -  (Approximately 3 years, decreasing sunspot activity). Decrease in excitability, masses become apathetic, seek peace. This cycle is due to arrive between early 2014 and 2017.
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Solar Event Cycle  ChartThe "minature" cycles that occur within the 11 year Tchijevsky event cycle can be broken down into 4 conditions, known as the "condition colors". Visit this page to view all condition colors  If we look at the chart on the left, the solar cycle lasts 11 years, and contains within it approximately 2.7 Activity Cycles. Then there are the seasons of the year. Period 1 represents Winter. Things to Watch Out for During Winter: Exposure to Cold, Excessive Salts, Excessive Water, Overeating, Lack of Exercise. Mental Components - Greed, Posseviness, Lack of Compassion. Period 2 represents Spring. Things to Watch Out for During Spring: Excessive Sweet Foods, Excessive Yogurt, Cheese, Milk and similar dairy, Meat, Oversleeping, Mental Components - Doubts, Fear. Period 3 represents Summer. Excessive Red Meat, Excessive Proteins, Excessive Salts, Excess Spicy Foods, Excess Midday Exercise, Excessive Antibiotics, Alcohol, Indigestion, Too much mental activity, Fatigue. Mental Components - Anger, Repression of Emotions. Period 4 represents Fall. Exposure to Cold, Disorganization, Excessive dry or bitter foods, Excessive fasting, excessive travel, excess exercise, excess sex, excess overuse of senses, lack of sleep, overwork, dried skin. Mental Components - Worry, Fear, Anxiety, Grief, Suppressing natural urges/emotions.

When these overlap, we get a maximum of activity, especially those related to the mental components. In 2012, we are in period 3. So this past summer, we saw lots of activity (Maximum excitability, election of liberals or radicals, mass demonstrations, riots, revolutions, wars and resolution of most pressing demands) because the period overlapped with the season. The next maximum cycle period is Period 4 between 2014 and 2017 during winter which will contain the mental components containing Worry, Fear, Anxiety and Grief. A more quiet period.

As this page showed earlier, a solar flare cycles through the following colors in this order.  Purple, Blue, Red, Orange and than Green.  During some periods a condition yellow may occur, which is more common during Period 2 cycles.

A condition blue begins the cycle, building up energy, followed by a condition red, which is a peak of the energy, which is than followed by a condition yellow, which is a period where this energy manifests itself, it is than followed by a condition orange, a "wanning" of the energy and finally ending at a condition green, which is a period of peace and harmony. Using Professor L. Tchijevsky's cycles from above, we get the following results (TO VIEW AN IN-DEPTH RESEARCH ARTICLE, CLICK ON THE LINK): Period 1 is condition red, period 2 is a condition blue, period 3 is condition orange, period 4 is condition green.  For illness or pandemic outbreaks, the period shifting from period 3 to period 4 is the most dangerous, as this is when the solar activity suddently "drops" causing a "shock". 

The condition color is greatly accelerated or gains strength, when it falls within one of the 4 periods of Professor L. Tchijevsky's chart. As of 2011, we are in Period 2, so when the condition color blue occurs, more miralces, mental power and advanced technology manifest. Because we are in Period #3, whenever there is a condition Orange Forecast, the results are greatly amplified, which is why we see more mass shootings occuring during this period.  Between early 2014 and 2017 when a condition green is forecast, it will result in an increase in peace, calm and harmony, and the destructive condition oranges will end.

These cycles can also be used to bring healing, longivity and prosperity into one's life. The suns solar influence affects the microcosmic orbit in areas of concentrated energy. Examples include the change in microclimates (weather governing a local area) during recent condition blue and orange. Just as a researcher performs experiments in a tightly highly concentrated area, scientific breakthroughs occur more often during increased solar activity.

Around the Spring Equinox. Condition Reds and Greens are maximized. Condition Blue is beginning. Detoxify the liver with Grapefruit or Pomelo.  Toning using sound works well. More Spirulina, green tea and herbal allergy cure mixes high in natural antioxidants work well. The best time of year to set long term monetary goals into action.

Around the June Solstice. Condition Blue is maximized. Condition Orange begins. More cancer fighting and anti-aging foods such as Superoxide Dismutase, yellow egg yolk, cod and/or anchovy oils, butter from grass fed cows. Detoxification of the body's cells with edible clay.

Around the September Equinox. Condition Orange maximized. Condition yellow starts. Tablet #13 Emerald Tablet exercise rejuvenated energy maximized. More Spirulina.

Around the December Solstice. Condition Yellow maximized. Condition Purple and Green starting. Foods highest in the 9 essential amino acids, such as Cottage Cheese, Spirulina, Apple Cider Vinegar and fat burning foods work best.

 During condition yellows and greens, which are periods of magnetic reconnection the cell will always return to its original when nurtured with the right foods and nutrients. Amino Acids during condition yellows or Spirulina during condition greens.

Sun Gears Each condition period becomes "stimulated" or receives more energy and becomes amplified when there are between 4 and 8 C class solar flares, when 80 or 160 sunspots are present or when the S Class flares number 8 or higher. When any of these conditions overlap each other they cause a "synergy", which amplifies the condition to extreme maximum. This synergy could apply to any condition resulting in a more negative condition or a more positive condition.

We can visualize this as a giant gearbox with wheels. The S Flares are the Larger Gear, followed by the C Class Flares which is a smaller gear followed by the Sunspots, which are the smallest gear. When the large gear gaines more energy, it also adds more to the lower gears, thus adding more "stimulative energy".

As we can see from the image on the left, the blue circles represent the Optical S Class Flares and the Red the X-Ray C Class Flares, sunspot number is on the far left column. You can get real time data on this page courtesy of NOAA.

As for seasonal energies, during February and March, Condition Reds are stronger because the sun's activity is just starting out.
April, May and June, Condition Blues are stronger because the sun's activity is gaining in activity.
August and November and January Condition Greens and Purples are Stronger because the Sun's Activity has Died Down

November and December condition yellows are stronger because earth's Geomagnetic Activity is Stronger.
We can visualize these as a circle with inner rings. Ring 1. The 11 year solar cycle
Ring 2. The yearly cycle.
Ring 3: 11 Day solar cycle.
Spring - Condition Blue.
Summer - Condition Red.
Fall - Condition Yellow.
Winter - Condition Green and Purple.

If any of these overlap, such as a condition blue, at a period 2, during Spring, the condition color energy for that day(s) becomes super amplified. If there are a high number of S Class Flares that condition becomes amplified even further.

The main key to using the energy during a stimulation phase is to recognize this form of energy, much like religion recognizes God or other deities. Perhaps this is where classical physics dilscovered the term "observation creates reality". What could be more powerful than observing the light of our sun and acknowledging it? Another way to use this energy is to project a healing intention into foods that contain Probiotic bacteria, such as yogurt or cottage cheese. Each condition color represents 2 categories that have 4 total overall effects.

Condition red - Increased Fear and anxiety -
Condition orange - Increased War, violence or hatred -
Condition green - Fear is much more reduced. More energy for trust, heroism and fearlessness -
Condition blue - No hate, violence or disbelief.  More energy for belief, courage and miracles -
Once you understand the condition color that has the most influence for the day, you can use it for healing and self-improvement. As an example: During a condition blue, perform the connect with the sun exercise, especially on a Sunday. Next bring forth the courage to heal yourself.  If a condition green is present, than  connect with the sun and do fear release exercises to alleviate emotional fears and anxiety, that may be draining your emotions, preventing healing.  
During condition oranges watch for negative emotions.  Connect with the sun and perform peace and love meditations, worldwide healing visualizations etc., or do mind relaxation exercises.  During condition reds, take in more moisture in the body by drinking more fluids and stay away from situations that cause you fear and anxiety. An excellent time to perform the Fear Release Exercises.  
 These periods are also strong during seasonal periods.  Such as Winter/Spring - More Courage, Summer and Fall - More Peace and Love exercises.

Cycles and High Frequency

Research over the years has shown that it is the cycle that counts, not the wind speeds or other type of activity. A cycle goes from blue, to green to red than to purple. This is a rise in sunspots and solar wind, than a decline in sunspots or solar wind speeds. This decline can be as low as 450, with lowest periods going as low as 350 for a decent condition green etc.

A perfect example is that during spring, the solar wind speed can remain high for weeks on end, but goes through various ups and downs and gradual declines. For example it might start declining from 500 into 350, and also the solar flux will go lower. This means that we have a condition purple (lower solar flux) and a condition green (solar wind reaching between 450 and 425). This is the 2nd "cycle" that occurs for a condition green. Because there are higher energies occurring, I call this the "higher frequency" cycle of energy. This can be categorized as the energy switching into a "second gear.

So this is a condition green occurring that is also at a higher frequency (a second gear of energy) than the other condition greens that may occur during fall or winter, when the solar wind speeds are at 350 and the solar flux can go completely 'flat' for long periods of time. I believe that during these higher frequency periods there is more stress on the body, but the longer this high frequency is occurring, the more the body starts to naturally adjust to this new higher frequency of energy that is occurring.

Effects of sunspots and solar wind speeds manifest themselves strongest when a sudden "bolt" of energy occurs. This "bolt" of energy is a sudden unexpected sharp rise or fall in sunspot activity.  This results in extremely high levels of energy that affect plant life, biological activity and human behavior on earth. 

Our research so far has shown the following "super energetic periods" responsible for these "bolt" of energy effects: A rapid decline in sunspot levels for 3 days or more causes a condition orange to manifest, especially when the sunspot levels have been at high levels for a period of time. A sudden "jump" in solar wind speeds which is usually felt strongest within the first 8 hours creates powerful anti aging effects. And a sudden rise in sunspots for 3 or more days with increased solar flux levels leads to condition blue periods, which are periods of rapid healing, enhanced intuition miracles and other spontaneous effects.

Many of these effects mirror the effects Biorhythms have on human beings.  So when you can match biorhythm cycles to these "bolts" of higher energetic solar energy, you can gauge the sort of day you may have as well as predict large scale human events.

Because we as human beings are like the sun, we can gauge the effects of this higher energy in locations there are large numbers of people.  We all know of the shock of energy we feel when we first enter a busy train station packed with rushing people or a busy airport at rush hour. This emotion is similar to the same jolt of energy that affects us as the suns activity increases or decreases, sending out large bolts of energy.

So in summary, we can see that these high energy periods emitted from our sun affect life on earth the strongest.  It is only during periods of lower activity that biological organisms and human behavior has adapted enough to resist mild changes in solar activity.

Another way to work with the sun is to locate the condition color on a Sunday.  Than perform the exercise to connect with the sun. As an example if a condition orange is present, do more peace meditations and watch your emotions, if a condition green is present than more prayers for peace and/or healing etc.
You can also use a sun square to boost these exercises on a Sunday. If you need more money in your life, than use the sun square in the proper direction during condition blue periods.  Just start at the arrow shown in the image on the left and each day repeat you intention or mantra until you end at box number 6.






Shown below, if you want to use it for healing or spiritual advancement, you start at number 31 and end at box 1.

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