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Changing World around us by Quantum Coherence.  What we Focus on Becomes our Reality. Return to Homepage

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As the Copernican model suggests, which is similar to the Many-Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics, present observation is not bound by space-time because it is constantly existing as the result of both observers from the past and future, which criss cross each other creating our present reality. I believe that the perception of these observers exist as "beams of photonic light waves" that are constantly going forward and backward in time.  Where they intersect, they create our current existence. Learn more about the Copernican model and Quantum Mechanics at: 

The Many Worlds Quantum Theory and Copernicanism - View Article
You can also enter Quantum Mechanics + Copernican into google to find more relevant information.

Special Article: The Condition Yellow Period is really a form of accessing Universal Feedback

I have decided to insert this piece into the article because it explains how we can use the quantum effect to effect change in our reality. A new science has been discovered by a South Florida Chiropractor called Quantum Entrainment.  It uses the power of emotion as well as photons of light to bring into reality what we desire.

I, as well as a number of people have used forms of this technique over the years, and it uses the fundamental basis of building up an emotional reservoir of energy, than releasing it.  This creates a quantum field effect, in which the mind fills in the template of the goal.

However the technique given by the Florida chiropractor I have found combines all the elements in their proper order to create a very simple, yet powerful technique that can be used for healing, financial gain and a whole host of other desires. Below is the technique simply explained.  If you want more information, you can visit Dr. Frank Kinslow's website at:

1: Observe or picture your thoughts moving across a movie screen, just as you were watching a movie.

2: Next after observing your thoughts they will begin to slow down, being replaced by a sense of new awareness.  This will occur in a feeling of colors and flavors occurring in your mind. Experience this feeling as much as possible and you may feel emotions of bliss, harmony and well begin starting to become associated with them.  Expand on these emotions as best you can until you feel "full".

3: Next just observe and look deeply into this emotion.

4: Next bring forth your intention, goal or healing what you wish to manifest.  These can be desires from financial gain to healing.

5: Next detach from your above stated goal or intention.

6: Next go back to experiencing your emotions of bliss, harmony and well being.

7: Next as you open your eyes continue the feeling of these emotions of bliss and harmony and stretch your body and move around a bit to get your energy flowing. 

You can also continue to repeat the feelings and emotions of bliss and reaffirming your intention or goal to add more energy to the goal.

The complete article with the exercise going into more in-depth detail is titled The complete article with the exercise going into more in-depth detail is titled The Quantum Entrainment Exercise

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Changing World around us by Quantum Coherence.  What we Focus on Becomes our Reality

Using The Sun As A Time Machine

From researching the telluric current energies, I know that higher KP energy,  which comes from the earth, and at times is stimulated by higher solar activity, may be made up of this energy coming from our past, and higher solar flux values coming from our sun, may be energy coming from our future. This would explain why Olympic Records are broken and time is more compressed during "spikes" in the sun's solar flux. More about this is covered in the Time Travel Chapter.

Perhaps this is why hauntings and ghosts, which is activity from the past, occurs more often during higher KP storms. So with both these forces counteracting with one another, there must
be periods when they come together creating "event creation spikes". The two regions of the brain exceptionally sensitive to light and electricity are the pineal gland and the pituitary gland.  Perhaps the ripple in the solar wind occurring during condition yellow periods is causing an unforeseen force of a new spectrum of light we have not yet discovered that is affecting the pineal gland.

So if observers from the future are creating our present, there must be "signature" traces of this, based on photons. Because co-creation is based on photons, what exists in our current industrialized society that can focus and retain photons of light wave particles in a natural industrial setting? Let's use the example of an optometry store, a place people go to get reading or driving glasses. Optical lenses focus light in a confined area.

As an experiment, spend a few minutes in an optometry store. Just go in there and pretend to browse. But before going in the store, use intention to visualize that goal as having already manifested in the present. This will greatly speed up the manifesting of the goal because you are in a location where the signal from observers from the future and past is amplified co-creating your present. Now this may sound corny, but if you understand that everything is made up of photons, than locations where these photons gather and concentrate themselves, is having an effect on our consciousness. After having spent a few minutes in the store, politely leave the store, than focus how your consciousness has changed and focus on a goal you wish to manifest. Optometry stores have some of the highest "stay in business the longest" rates in retail business.

Another object of matter that bends/refracts photons of light at this same beneficial angle is a puddle or pool of water under a blue sky. Perform the same intention exercise, after looking into the reflective pool and then disturbing the water with your hand or object. This could be why we have "reflecting" pools at special locations. Perhaps the reason why mantras or chants work so well is because repetition of a mantra or chant a minimum of 100 times continuously sets up a sine wave that rides upon itself after constant repetition. This wave eventually travels faster than the speed of light, travelling back in time to re-create the present. When we use intention to a level approaching the right critical mass of focus and concentration, our state of being changes at the physical level.  This in turn changes our consciousness, molding the reality we experience and changing the results of our lives.


Wave Peaks of Creation

So by focusing intention in the present, we change the past to create the future. So if all observation rides on forms of waves consisting of observational periods made up of observers from the past, present and future, to create the present, there must be "crests" or wave peaks where this intersecting energy occurs, and therefore a way to use our intention to mold it to suit our reality, besides the focusing of lenses as mentioned earlier.

Quote from the University of Southern California: "Using entire galaxies as lenses to look at other galaxies, researchers have a newly precise way to measure the size and age of the universe and how rapidly it is expanding, on par with other techniques"
Reference: University of Southern California

So if observation is coming back from the past, I believe it would occur more often from August to November, as emotional energy is strongest at this time due to the earth being closer to the sun. Observational energy from the future would then be more common from June through August, because this is the time the rising constellation Orion, Taurus and Sirius are occurring at the sunrise in early July. All star constellations always rise from the east and rotate towards the south.  Many ancient pyramids were built aligning themselves with certain stars.

Intention = future
Emotion = past

Just as when you are more prepared or practice at something a lot, luck flows your way.  This is a repetitive act. We can think of opportunity as flowing towards us as waves of energy, and when we are prepared, it crosses into our consciousness that has been prepared for it, manifesting "luck" into our lives.

I believe these peaks of energy waves occur at the new crescent moon (3 to 4 days after the new moon, and 3 to 4 days before the full moon) and perigee moon periods, especially during perigee supermoons, which from my experiments has been a time to make major scientific breakthroughs. I also believe that the solar condition I call a "condition yellow" and a "condition blue" is another one of these periods. If you observe or focus on something long and hard enough, especially on the language of the information behind your goal or intention during this "wave" crest peak period, the energy from the past and future re-arranges and re-organizes itself and compensates to create a change in the present, based on your will/intention.

This also explains why many instruments used to measure an effect, can also be used to produce the same effect.  Any good research scientist knows that the same instruments used to measure an outcome can also be used to create the same effects or acheive similar results.  One example is the gas carbon dioxide, which absorbs large amounts of infrared light. So we can turn that around and use it to create a laser beam that uses carbon dioxide to create the beam.  The carbon dioxide laser (CO2 laser) was one of the earliest gas lasers to be developed (invented by Kumar Patel of Bell Labs in 1964) which used carbon dioxide.

As time flows through this stream of energy, it affects our consciousness and changes what we perceive in the present by altering our pituitary gland /pineal gland via our memories.  This altering of the very fabric of the particles as they enter our domain in current space/time causes a "shift" to occur. If a higher KP creates a shift in consciousness, than this must be a period where either more photons are occurring or there is a phase of light that makes the contrast of the photons stronger. As proof of this the next day the KP levels are at higher than normal levels, go outside and see how far out into the distance you can see. You will be able to see much further out on days where KP levels are higher, than on days the KP levels are flat. Simply put, just as an ocean waves rises and falls, if you focus hard enough at this peak, just when the wave falls back down again, the information has rearranged itself to suit what you have been focusing on the most, because gravity shifts or changes at the very peak of an ocean wave.

"When wind blows over the ocean, energy is transferred from the wind to the surface layers. Some of this energy is expended in generation of surface gravity waves Which lead to a small net movement of water in the direction of wave propagation and some to drive currents. They are called gravity waves because gravity is the restoring force."
Source: What on Earth gives an excellent visual demonstration of this effect

Therefore this means that our consciousness is a mere reflection or projection from the realm or dimension that particles PRE-manifest themselves into our reality (string theory) before we observe it and more of this energy is occurring at these "peaks" before gravity restores itself again to normal equilibrium.  These waves are constantly coming and going in wavelike formations, but are susceptible to change, just like we can control our encounter with an ocean wave.

antigravity new moonBecause Einstein proved that a large mass alters our space/time location, the period of a new moon just happens to be the time the moon is not just closer to the sun, but in front of the sun between the earth and sun. As the image on the left shows, the moon is between our earth and sun, when it is in its new and final phases.



How this Energy is Affecting our Consciousness

This energy varies with the seasons, due to the earth’s axis in relation to our sun. A quote from Mr. John J. Ozoga, who published The Whitetail Fat Cycle… A Matter of Life or Death

"The pineal gland, tucked deep within the mid portion of the deer’s brain, serves as the whitetail’s nerve and hormone transducer. That is, in response to changes in day length, the tiny gland translates light signals into chemical signals that cause hormone changes responsible for setting the whitetail’s seasonal rhythms."
Source: WhiteTail Ilinstitute

Deer Researcher George Bubenik, at the University of Guelph in Ontario, showed the whitetail’s pineal gland produces a hormone called melatonin, which at dusk is increasingly released into the bloodstream. Quote: "The fluctuations of melatonin levels modify the secretion of the pituitary hormone prolactin. It is the level of prolactin – rising in spring, peaking at the summer solstice in June, and falling under the dark night of the winter solstice – that ultimately triggers the coat molt.”

Another case where a person's pineal gland has an effect is Mr. Prahlad Jani.  This person hasn’t eaten solid food for over 70 years.  His pituitary gland emits a nectar substance that he survives on. He stimulates this via Sungazing, which involves staring at the sun 5 minutes before sunrise and sunset. Sungazing has resulted in numerous healings of physical ailments and probably comes from the stimulation of the pituitary gland at sunrise and sunset.


So it appears that photons of sun, moon or starlight may be affecting the pituitary gland, helping co-create the existence of reality we experience, and that focused intention can "bend" the un-foldment of reality to our benefit. This explains why HeartMath exercises create profound changes in our environment, because the hearts energy is similar to the KP energy of the earth, and emits a field of energy more powerful than our thoughts. This also means our heart represents the past, and is affected by KP energy and our minds, which are affected by the solar flux from our sun represent the future. By connecting them both together, with focused intention, we co-create reality.
"The heart’s magnetic fields above the chest are typically 100 to 1,000 times stronger than brain fields above the head. Thus, it is much easier to measure heart rhythms than it is to measure brain fields."
Source: Los Alamos National Labs

How Quantum Mechanics Plays a Role in Earth/Sun/Lunar Energies

Everything in the universe operates on dual polarity. It is when these 2 polarities intersect does consciousness change and the wave collapses, creating our reality. As mentioned previously, think of an ocean wave, and as it rises and falls, just before it falls there is a point where gravity is altered.  The wave cannot fall back down again without a change in gravity.  Therefore the particles that come into this dimension from us observing them must exist in another dimension where gravity and space/time is different. These particles are constantly coming and going in wavelike formations, but are susceptible to change, just like we can control our encounter with an ocean wave. All it takes is our willpower to alter our course.

Quantum physics has proven that the electrons made up of the photons of light don't fold into a solid object or "appear in our reality domain" until they have been observed, and before this "collapse of photons" makes up our reality, all possible outcomes of any event or scenario already exist in a "shadow world" or other dimension, outside of our current space/time. The tools to measure our physical world, when viewed at the quantum level, are actually helping to create the event that we are observing.  Therefore consciousness must be the forerunner before this reality "collapses into view" in front of us. Our consciousness must have to undergo a shift, before reality shifts with it.

I believe that these particles are in a random mass or "tangled" state in another dimension and they consist partly of photons.  When folding into our reality, they undergo the process of Quantum UN-Entanglement with the photons of light on our side, coupling it like a positive/negative magnet, helping to create this state of observation creating reality. This explains why visualizing your goals surrounding in light or made up of light makes them manifest quicker. One excellent way to understand this is to look at how Quantum Mechanics is used in healing people. The core principle system used in uses what is called the 2 point technique, where the practitioner places his left hand on one part of a person’s body that is more stuck or rigid or it could be an area of pain.  Next the right hand is placed on another part of the body that is more rigid, or stiffer than the first point.  This 2nd point could also be where the practitioner's awareness is drawn to. This creates a 2 point dual polarity. It is impossible or very hard to observe both intention and observation at the same time.

The practitioner than visualizes the person's body as consisting of nothing but photons of light in between these two points.  He/She than visualizes these 2 laser type beams of light crossing/intersecting with each other, than steps back and observes the two light beams crossing each other.  It is the observation of the two light beams which does the healing. It is simply the visualizing of these 2 points as intersecting photons of light through the power of imagination that creates the healing. One of the easiest ways to experience these "cross points" of energy is through nature. You only feel the connection between the 2 points while visualizing the space in between consisting of nothing other than pure particles of photonics light. The way to gauge if healing has occurred is the stiff or rough locations will no longer be tense and the pain will have subsided.

By using the power of imagination and visualizing these 2 points in between the hands as separate patterns of intersecting light waves consisting of high energetic photons of light energy, the simple mere act of observing these photons in our imagination causes these photons to behave differently and change their structure and form, depending on our intention or will. Think of 2 lines of flowing wavelike patterns of light flowing from the future and the past. The apogee moon or perihelion sun representing beams of wave like light moving photons representing energy coming from the future and the perigee moon or aphelion sun beams of light coming from the past. This powerful, yet simple technique has two main areas; Intention and Observation. We use our intention to bring the 2 points of light together, as soon as they intersect or cross each other, the act of observation should take over, allowing the new quantum reality to unfold. It is also the way the universe is assembled with galaxies shining their light beams throughout the universe, crossing and intersecting with each other.

 By just observing the two intersecting points of light, the new wave structure collapses itself into a new form, thus altering our reality timeline. This observing part is the key.  When you stop using your intention and will and instead step back and observe, it allows the healing to take effect. I find this process much easier during periods of high KP activity. Probably because higher geomagnetic energy may be affecting the photons of light better. This same process is used in the Emerald Tablets exercise where both north and south polarities combine into an intersecting space of light, which eliminates aches and pains instantly.

Every living organism emits bio photons, or low-level luminescence (light with a wavelength between 200 and 800 nanometers). It is thought that the higher the level of light energy a cell emits, the greater the vitality and potential for the transfer of light energy to your body. In other words, the more light that a food is able to store, the more nutritious it is when you consume it. Fresh, organic vegetables are naturally rich in this bio photon light energy. Because we as biological living beings are made up of photons at the sub-molecular level.  Stress, pain or disease has changed the photon structure in our body to cause that pain. The key to re-setting these photons in our body back to one of perfection and health occurs through the power of intention and proper nutrition. Which explains why in nature, Mistletoe has a high number of these bio photons and is used to cure cancer.
See this paper for more info titled About the Coherence of Bio photons by Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp - International Institute of Biophysics (Biophotonics) Raketenstation, 41472 Neuss, Germany


Using the Power of the Mind to Create Change

Sunlight is one of the most powerful sources of photons available to us.  Photons are immortal and never age. I belive that these photons contain a form of consciousness that we can "activate" with our intention. These are what Dr. William A. Tiller has termed Deltrons. Deltrons are possibly what what make this "dimensional" gateway flow possible.  By activating the Deltrons with our emotions and consciousness, the quantum energy wave "collapses into reality". From my research, these Deltrons flow strongest during Condition Blue Periods, Condition Yellow Periods and Condition Green Periods, with Condition Yellow periods being the strongest. View the Complete Tiller Model of Quantum Reality at: The Tiller Foundation
Additional Source: Quantum Mechanics and Immortality

Because all subatomic particles already exist in a state of potentiality, by using willpower to actualize them, even trying to see into the future, by trying to observe the future we are co-creating it, solidifying the potentials that already all around us.  This means our brains are picking up signals from both the past and future all the time. This means spontaneous remission of illness is caused by sending intentions to heal ourselves into the future.

Researcher Schmidt also discovered that the results were better if they were the first observer of trying to influence a REG machine through PK. it was as if the first person or animal observing the results, "froze" the results into reality, making future intention harder for the next person. By using a concept, you use your consciousness to make sense of the blizzard of information all around us.

During an experiment by Pear researchers Dunne and Jahn, when operators were given a set of images to view intending one to show more than the other, it was the archetypal,  religiously iconographic graphics that had the most success in coming through using intention. Intention originates from deep within our unconscious minds, and is fueled by religious deities and dreams. This explains why people praying to a deity or believing in their dreams have their goals manifest much easier than without using these archetypal symbols.

Therefore the awareness of our waking world is coupling with the unconscious mind assembling itself into a tangible structure into our physical world.  Therefore matter, like our unconscious minds exists in an unconscious state before our intention and observation bring it into our reality.

I believe the fuel that assists this originates via the Orion constellation. This because many spiritual practitioners use the Constellation  Moon in Taurus to manifest goals faster than usual. And from my own research in willing lottery numbers to manifest, they would always do so during July, the month Orion rises above the eastern horizon, Taurus lies just a few degrees to the very right of the Orion constellation, and just like the sun, all stars rise in the east.

Because Condition Yellows include a higher KP or stronger earth geomagnetic energy, I believe this higher KP energy is the "engine" or fuel that helps send this energy through time. Below is a quote from Earth

"Deltrons make possible local actions in the D-Space and non-local connections in the R-space. Consciousness and Intention can activate Deltrons to induce the coupling between R-Space and the D-Space. An Intention imprints a pattern in the Mind Domain. The mental waves thus generated activate Deltrons in the Emotional Domain and also imprint a specific pattern, which represents the intention, in the R-Space. So, by these actions, Deltrons can imprint through a Fourier Transformation, from R-Space, a conjugate and correlated pattern in the D-Space, which is then detected by the human sensory system and, as a consequence, becomes a psychic and/or physical experience in the physical space - Direct Space."

I believe that these Deltrons are constantly flowing in a wavelike formation in both directions from the future and the past simultaneously.  As stated earlier, where they cross is what creates our current reality. So if all observation rides on forms of waves consisting of observational perception periods made up of observers from the past, present and future, to create the present, there must be "crests" or wave peaks where this intersecting energy occurs, and therefore a way to use our intention to mold it to suit our reality. This "Peak" I believe is partly reflected in the ocean tidal changes of frequency. This is because whenever condition colors change, the ocean tidal frequency changes also. You can learn more about how this works at  Click the picture on the left to see the ocean tides in real time.

I believe these peaks also occur at the new crescent moon, a few days before a full moon, during condition blue periods and perigee full moon periods, especially during perigee supermoons, which from my experiments has been a time to make major scientific breakthroughs. I have almost without fail, focused on acheiving a meaningful scientific breakthrough leading up to a perigee supermoon and always got results every time. l905 Nobel Prize winner Phillipe Lenard who showed that a flow of electrons begins immediately when impinging light strikes the target metal. He discovered that reducing the intensity of the impinging light would change the velocity of the escaping electrons.

Einstein’s Equations

Because Einstein proved that a large mass alters our space/time location, the period of a new moon just happens to be the time the moon is not just closer to the sun, but in front of the sun between the earth and sun. Therefore this is causing a gravity shielding effect, which I believe is creating a doorway to change events from the past and future to create the present. Perhaps it is just the right number of photons that creates this energy wave or power to draw the energy into this reality.

Einstein explained both these phenomena with his particle theory of light, providing a theoretical bridge between Newtonian physics and quantum mechanics. Einstein proved that a large mass warps our localized space/time environment. Therefore the perigee moon, which is just a large mass moving closer to earth, is making these goals manifest faster by bringing these particles from another dimension into our reality.

I believe that Deltrons, which are driven by intention, have their own "Language", which we perceive as a form of information. If you observe or focus on something long and hard enough, especially on the language of the information behind your goal or intention during this "wave" crest peak period, the energy from the past and future re-arranges and re-organizes itself and compensates it to create a change in  the present, based on your will/intention. This change than affects our consciousness, and changes what we perceive as our memories by altering the very fabric of the particles as they enter our domain in current space/time.

Simply put, just as an ocean waves rise and fall, if you focus hard enough at this peak, when the wave falls back down again, the information has rearranged itself to suit what you have been focusing on the most.  Therefore this means that our consciousness is a mere reflection or projection from the realm or dimension that the Deltron particles PRE-manifest themselves into our reality before we observe it, which could explain pre-cognition.


How Gravity Affects Space/Time

On 2 occasions while performing the Emerald Tablets exercise, I have felt my body become so light, that I thought I would literally go flying off into outer space.

gravity shieldI recorded these dates twice, 1 year apart during the month of August. Further research revealed that July 7th was the month that the earth was furthest from the sun, and the earth had just started heading back towards the sun.  On both these dates, the moon was also following the same trajectory, in which it was in its last 24 Hrs. of apogee (furthest from earth), and just starting it's perigee trajectory, and heading back towards the earth. These were also times within 3 days of a new moon (the gravity shielding effect).  Therefore if gravity is related to space time, this period must be a access gateway point where we can alter our futures.

Because a new moon is always between the earth and sun, it must be creating a shielding effect against gravity, causing the weightlessness I experience, when doing the emerald tablets exercise around this time of year.

It would also mean that it would be the most powerful time of year to alter reality. So to calculate the best time to do this would be to look for the first new crescent moon after July 7th, when the moon is in the last 24 hrs of its apogee (just starting it's perigee trajectory) and preferably during a supermom period. This date also happens to be very close to July 4th, the American 4th of July Independence holiday. Could this mean by observing the 4th of July we are adding to it's power of our independence and reaffirmation of our bill if rights? You can learn more about this in greater detail at the gravity distoration page on  So in conclusion the shielding of gravity is causing a "hole" in space time we can send our intention through to change the present. The most powerful of these being a new crescent moon 24hrs before the start of the perigee moon, and perigee 1/2 moon, and condition yellow and blue periods. Perhaps this information is affecting the cells of our body, as condition yellows have been found to bring extreme health to the body overnight. It also explains the "Gravity Wave Anomaly" felt throughout the body when performing the Emerald Tablets exercise in August around a new moon, especially if this new moon occurred in apogee.

How to Change The State of Quantum Particles to Manifest Change

Before we manifest something into our dimension, the location where the particles are "in motion" and are in a form of quantum entanglement.  It a period where time flows differently from our current time. Perhaps this is the "Dark Matter" scientists are searching for. As mentioned previously, I believe this area is a dimension of some sort. Therefore there must exist an unlimited number of dimensions, because each experience or outcome of events leading up to the particles manifesting in our reality are unlimited.  This gives concrete proof of the theory that multiple or perhaps an unlimited number of parallel universes/multiverses exist all around us. Accessing them just requires our intention.

I believe that UV light plays a part in this somehow. To access these universes using hardware, a device generating UV light to the right intensity level would possibly be required. Proof of this is people who use tanning salons can become addicted to the shift of consciousness that occurs during their tanning experience, and UV tanning salons use a spectrum of Ultraviolet light very similar to sunlight. "As usual in quantum entanglement experiments, the group created entangled photons by stimulating a crystal with ultraviolet light"

From experience, doing sungazing at sunrise or sunset with the intention of having goals manifest, has made the goals manifest easier. Sunrise or Sunset is a time when we can absorb the rays directly from the sun safely.  This light shines through our eyes, affecting the pineal/ pituitary gland. This means that the pituitary gland or pineal gland is a co-creator of the process leading up to quantum un-entanglement, to change our reality. It is interesting to note that many goals or wishes are fulfilled during times of when just the right amount of light is present.  Too much or too little light does not help them materialize. This includes a perigee waxing crescent moon (also known as a super moon), sunrise or sunset. These are all periods where the photons of light are at the right intensity. Many churches create this same effect by using stained glass, which drives intense sunlight into a more calming light spectrum, altering consciousness. So perhaps it is not the intensity of light, but the amount of photons that shines through our eyes, affecting our pineal gland that is important.

Most interesting is that the Druids measured their year by lunar months. This was confirmed by the discovery in 1897 of the Coligny Calendar. He states that the Druids performed the mistletoe ceremony on the sixth day of the moon, i.e. just before the first quarter, when the waxing lunar influence is strong. This is a period when the moon's photons of light are not overbearing but at just the right luminosity or intensity to have the desired effect. Perhaps this intensity is the right amount to enter a part of our consciousness. Also what is interesting is mistletoe grows without touching the ground, it is also one of the rare plants that produces ripe berries in the dead of winter. So in summary reality exists as a state of probabilities and when we use intention to create a  shift in our consciousness, it causes the wave function to collapse into a single point just by observing it.

Using Light To Help Alter The Present

Dr. Fritz Poop proved that photons of light can not only carry information, but can change the structure of DNA as well. With the help of a lab assistant Mr. Fritz Albert Popp built a machine called the “photomultiplier” which measures weak photon emissions that stimulate healing. While measuring these photons in humans, he discovered that the cells of the body have a biological rhythms of 7, 14, 32, 80 and 270 days respectively. These numbers all readily divided into 7. It also showed that people who had these disturbed biological rhythms were cancer patients. Dr. Popp also showed that the herb Mistletoe could restore low levels of bio photons in the human body , which is probably why it is used as a natural cure for leukemia. Another scientist Dr. Pjotr Garajajev used UV photons to transfer a frogs embryo into a salamander’s embryo, which in turn caused the salamander to give birth to a frog.
Reference: ViewZone

Another person using photons of light to heal is Dr. McGee. In McGee's book, he discusses a hand-held light therapy device that consisted of light emitting diodes (LEDs) pulsed at Nogier's frequencies. According to Dr. McGee, such a device appears to have far stronger healing effects than non-pulsed lasers set on low power outputs or non-pulsed LEDs regardless of their wavelengths (color).

Other proof of this is that extraterrestrial craft from other dimensions or worlds never seem to crash in the middle of a busy intersection, as the possible Roswell New Mexico crash I believe was deliberately orchestrated by an alien intelligence to gauge our reaction to the event and exploit their technology. If a saucer crashed for real accidently, and an advanced species had access to technology that could hide or cloak themselves into another dimension, they could "shift" the photons of light and access this dimension and remain undetected.

So in summary, these particles are leaking into our dimension all the time, perhaps via microscopic wormholes. Also because visible light seems to play a role in accessing these particles, wormholes must be filled with a certain type of mass/energy that allows compressed photons of light to pass through.

Consciousness is Creating our Reality

Because Condition Yellows include a higher KP or stronger earth geomagnetic energy, I believe this is the "engine" or fuel that helps send this energy through time. Therefore our consciousness is a driving force responsible for co-creating the universe we live in. As our consciousness expands during these KP "leaps" creation is also occurring. Proof that consciousness creates reality, is the further out we look into the universe, the more insights scientists get into developing tools to see even further out into the universe.  This must mean the ideas to create machines to see further out, are perhaps coming from the photons themselves, which are influencing the pituary gland, which are partly responsible for co-creation.

As mentioned earlier: Quote from the University of Southern California: "Using entire galaxies as lenses to look at other galaxies, researchers have a newly precise way to measure the size and age of the universe and how rapidly it is expanding, on par with other techniques"
Source: University of Southern California

Because I am fortunate enough to live near the ocean, I have a view of the Catalina Islands,  I have noticed time and again that when the earth's KP levels are higher that I can see out much more further, like the air is much more clearer and the smog or air pollution is non-existent. This occurs 90% of the time. Try this for yourself. If you happen to live near the ocean where you can see islands in the distance, or go to any area you can see a long distance out, such as a mountain top or hills, and on low KP days, distant objects will be much harder to see, due to a "haze" or fog being present. On higher KP days, you will be able to see the objects at a greater distance much more clearly than usual.
Learn more about Magnetic Reconnection

I believe the same applies to outer space, if you are an astronomer, you should be able to make more discoveries during higher KP periods when you look out into outer space, proving that our consciousness is affecting or playing a part in how reality unfolds. I have noticed at night time, during higher KP activity, the stars seem so much brighter and clearer. The opposite is true also. There must be civilizations that already have seen far enough out into outer space that they know that earth is a habitable planet, so they must have developed technology advanced enough where they are watching us today. This means there can be no theoretical limit as to how far we can look into outer space, because as we observe further out, we are co-creating it's expansion.

I have developed the following formula representing co-creation: HIGHER KP or a crescent moon = Intention = EMOTION = New Moon = Right Intensity fo Photons = Gravity Shielding = Expansion of Consciousness = Observation creating or affecting reality.

If you are in sales or president of a company, the best time to motivate people is during a high KP period between November and December, which is also the time religion motivates people to celebrate Christmas. This just happens to be the time of year most scientific discoveries also occur.

How Energy from the Past Comes to the Present returning Biological Life Forms

I believe nature has an automatic built in "atmospheric memory" that preserves specific micro-atmospheric events of previous events of biology. I believe that when the atmospheric conditions are right, these living organisms come back to life. Resurrection ecology works by bringing preserved biological matter back to the present.  At certain times the weather creates specific "micro-climates", suitable to the historic preservation of a life form. Therefore the reverse must also be true, during specific favorable microclimates, these preserved life forms return to the present. I believe that condition greens are responsible for this occurring in nature.
Reference: Ecologist brings century-old eggs to life to study evolution. View Article.  One possible method extinct pants and animals are returned to the present through Cryptozoology, besides the CIBA experimental method method, may be via Quantization.  In experiment, a scientist took the embryo of a frog and one of a salamander (fertilized eggs). He used photons from a non-burning laser, and projected them through the salamander embryo and on to the frog embryo. The result was that the DNA of the frog completely transmuted into the DNA of a salamander. The frog egg hatched and out came a salamander. So perhaps photons of light are coming through time to the present and causing an embryo to form that was from the past. Reference Perhaps in nature rising sunspots or the right phases of the moon bring extinct animals back to the present via photons of light, which appear in eggs or embryos.


Gravity Distortion and Quantum Un-Foldment

As mentioned previously, on 2 occasions while performing the Emerald Tablets exercise, I have felt my body become so light, that I thought I would literally go flying off into outer space. Just as we discussed earlier where the waves of the ocean rise and fall, and at the crest of an ocean wave, gravity starts to fall back down, it is at this switch point that gravity changes. After practicing the Emerald Tablets Exercise for over 5 years, I always noticed that during the last 24 hours of an apogee moon, that a huge gravity wave would appear, that would almost levitate my body, if I held the recharging polarities long enough that I felt I might go flying out into space. This energy was so strong that when I was re-aligning my body's north/south poles and holding in the white light, it literally felt like my body was going to fly through the air, or cover a major distance across the ground. So you have to be careful when you do it during this time. I also believe that a higher KP value or stronger geomagnetic energy will hold this "charge" for a long period of time. So if you do the exercise when the KP levels are higher and it is during a gravity wave period, the results are stronger than usual. Therefore gravity and geomagnetic energy mist both complement each other. Other effects I have noticed that around this time, mental intention or visualization is strongest. At perigee moon or December physical exercises for the body are best performed.

According to physics, the moon pulls on you slightly more than the center of the Earth because you are a bit closer than the center is. So you're lighter. And also, 12 hours later, when the Moon is the other side of the Earth from you, you're slightly lighter as well, because the center of the Earth is accelerated towards the moon slightly more than you, it turns out that this makes you slightly lighter as well, by the same amount.

During early July, the earth is farthest away from the sun also known as aphelion and after early July, the earth starts its journey back towards becoming closer to the sun which occurs in January and is
called perihelion. The moon follows this same cycle, apogee for maximum from earth and perigee for closest to earth

gravity shieldAnother powerful period I have discovered when the refreshing white light is strongest is at the moon's first quarter. The times the moon is directly overhead is during a waning crescent at sunrise and the first quarter moon, is high overhead at sunset. These have both been peak times I have noticed the refreshing white light energy is strongest also. These seem to mirror that same orbit just like the Cygnus Constellation which is overhead maximum in October. As this article shows, this is the same time that the refreshing "white light" energy responsible for quick healing and wellness is maximized. Another interesting observation is that during a new moon, the moon is between the earth and our sun, and then begins its journey back towards the opposite side of the earth, ending at the full moon.  Could the moon being between our earth and sun be creating a gravity shielding effect?

We can see 3 major factors contributing to this "gravity wave effect".

1: The new moon when the moon is closest to the sun.
2: The last few days of the aphelion sun when the earth is furthest from the sun.
3: The last 24 hours of an apogee moon, when the moon is furthest from the earth.

It is the last 24 hours just before the planetary body begins its journey to move closer to earth, this gravity wave is felt strongest. Perhaps the moon is acting as some type of huge shielding lens, causing this gravity reduction feeling experienced during the Emerald Tablets exercise at this time. At the peak of an apogee moon, as the moon swings back towards earth, a "tugging" force occurs. This "tugging" is maximized at the first apogee moon closest to the new moon period after early July, as the Earth has reached it furthest point from the sun and begins heading back, closer to the sun where it will be closest in January. So just as the moon swings back and forth or closer and further towards earth every 2 weeks, the earth does the same with the sun, but only twice yearly, and the moon, swings back and forth between the sun monthly, which we are all familiar as being the new moon (closest to the sun) and the full moon (the moon is furthest from the sun). Because a new moon is always between the earth and sun, it must be creating a shielding effect against gravity, causing the weightlessness I experience, when doing the emerald tablets exercise around this time of year.

So in conclusion the shielding of gravity is causing a "hole" in space time we can send our intention through to change the present. The most powerful of these being a new crescent moon 24hrs before the start of the perigee moon, and perigee 1/2 moon, and condition yellow periods. Perhaps this information is affecting the cells of our body, as condition yellows have been found to bring extreme health to the body overnight.

Another time of increasing or the right amount of light is during dawn, and sunset which is the best time for sungazing.  As mentioned earlier, when you focus on your goals at sungazing, they have a habit of materializing faster than at other times. Dawn and sunset both affect the pituitary gland, therefore the pituitary gland is a part of our co-creation. Therefore if we wanted to have a healing clinic or environment where healing manifests, it would have to have the same intensity of light as the crescent moon, or the light intensity as sunrise or sunset.  Many churches create this effect by using stained glass, which converts intense sunlight into a more calming light spectrum. It's interesting to note that a new crescent moon and the months of March/April are when the energy of the sun is increasing and when condition blue periods are strongest, which is a time to create miracles.

Using Intention to Collapse the Quantum Wave

Having an intention or experiencing emotion collapses the wave particles that are entangled into our observable reality.  Observing the intention in your imagination creates and entangles the quantum particles .By visualizing clearly your goal or healing intention you create a personal "invisible" healing template that only you can see or imagine with the photons in your imagination, which leads you to experiencing the results. This template is than unaffected by an outside observers influence, giving it powerful properties that make it a success. When you imagine something you are also creating the necessary tools required to measure it, such as the number of days to reach your goal, how many hours to per day to put forth effort to make it happen and so forth.  The more simple, specific and clear the intention, the more easier it is to access the tools to measure it. This focus of clarity than creates a clear channel from which the intention flows. This is just one of many examples where a substance in nature that create particular reactions, that the same substance can be used as a measuring tool or device to measure the reactions occurring. 

When you can focus your imagination for the purpose of observing an experience and creaeting change in the physical, and intend for it to manifest by engineering this template for change it alows these particles to come and flow forth through a gateway into the present to manifest.  White Light seems to be the energy source for this. When you can combine your visualization with white light the results are usually faster. If more miracles occur at condition blue periods due to repetitive acts becoming "synergized" which is a period that the photons of light are increasing in intensity or multiplying, than perhaps the increased sunspot activity provides more electrical stimulation to our thought signals for our consciousness to undergo the proper fundamental shift to create a "miracle" that we might be intending happen.

The drawback is that many people encounter is that they have no control over what they are experiencing or "collapsing" into their reality.  But there is a way around that.  We now know from PK experiments that using the focused power of intention from experiments by Professors Schmidt,  Morris and Rudolph can alter the outcome of random events.
Reference Source:  CHANNELING EVIDENCE FOR A PK EFFECT TO INDEPENDENT OBSERVERS - published in Journal of Parapsychology, Vol. 50, March 1986. View Article

One experiment proves this where an unobserved tape is sent to a person intending for the tape to display more 0's or 1's on the tape.  This tape is then mailed to another person who observes the tape. When this person looks at the tape and the number of 0's or 1's is counted, there is usually more of the intended number that the 1st person wanted to occur that will appear. Other experiments discovered that when the opposite occurred, when the person first watched the tape, than the tape was sent to the intender for more 0's or 1's to appear, that when the 0's or 1's were counted, that the intentional effect was lost or severely reduced.  So we can see that if a person first observes a situation, and another person focuses their intention on that situation the intention is reduced or lost.  So the real power of successful intention is to be the first observer or experiencer of the situation or event you wish to manifest.
Source: The Strange Properties of Psychokinesis. View Article

"What if it were indeed possible to turn time backward in its flight and exert real influences on what is"past"?" View Article


The Effect of Preinspection of the Prerecorded Data

PK effects should disappear if somebody has looked at the prerecorded scores previous to the PK test session. In this scenario, the preinspection would collapse the state vector so that the subject would find nature in a decided state, with no opening left for PK to act. For this reason, the initial PK experiments with prerecorded events precluded such preinspection. On the other hand, experiments with preinspected prerecorded data are most interesting because they might discriminate between the two mentioned viewpoints.

Two previous experiments were concerned with the effects of preinspection. In one experiment (Schmidt, 1985) where the preinspection was very thorough (letting the preinspector experience the scores as vividly as they were later experienced by the PK subject), the preinspection inhibited the subsequent PK effort. (This result should be taken with some caution until it has been confirmed by other investigators.) Another group of experiments has indicated that the preinspection of the prerecorded data does not inhibit the subsequent PK effort if the preinspection does not provide immediate information about the resulting scores. These experiments (Schmidt, 1981, and the present Experiment 1) worked with prerecorded and preinspected random seed numbers. View Article

Perhaps the most interesting question to be studied in this experiment was whether PK effects could still be found in cases where the seed number was inspected by a human observer before the subject made his PK effort. PK research (psychokinesis)  has shown that the first observer of a situation co-creates reality.  Proof of this is when Sir Roger Gilbert Bannister, an English former athlete ran the first mile in less than 4 minutes. Bannister's record only lasted 46 days, and he was the first to admit that the 4-minute barrier had no actual significance. More notable was that he had reached this goal with so little training, while practicing as a junior doctor.
Reference Source: Wikipedia

What is so important to illustrate here is that thousands of people had tried to break this record for decades and it was only after Sir Roger Gilbert Bannister broke it, that many other people started breaking it also. Therefore there must be a "source" location or energy presence where this energy is flowing from and entering our consciousness. Sort of like the early morning sun where the "early bird gets the worm" type scenario occurs. In other words, when you get up  just as the sun is rising, you are able to accomplish more during the day, had you got up later I'm the day. I believe that the Birkeland currents may possibly be playing a key role in this. 

This question is related to an argument that one might perhaps interpret PK effects on prerecorded targets still within a causally operating world if one is willing to abandon the concept of an absolute physical reality, independent of the human observer. Based on some still controversial interpretations of quantum theory one argues that perhaps there is no absolute physical reality; i.e., that things become physically real only when there is a human observer to take notice. Then in a PK experiment with prerecorded targets the decision for a "head" or a "tail" would not be made when the targets are generated and the results are recorded. Nature would be rather in a macroscopically ambiguous state until the later time when the subject, while receiving feedback for his PK effort, would notice the "head" or "tail." Then the PK effect would not have to reach into the past because the decisions were made "really" during the PK test session. If the consciousness of the human observer would play such a vital role in determining what is physically real, then an inspection of the prerecorded targets, or the seed numbers in our case, should make nature's decision final and absolutely real at this stage. And then the subject's later PK effort would find the decisions already made such that no causal PK mechanism could succeed in obtaining high scores. The experimental results, the appearance of a PK effect even with the preinspected seed numbers, refutes this chain of arguments, but the results are still consistent with the mentioned abstract mathematical psi models.
Source: Formilab
2nd Source

"Attempting to debunk the power of one master, Yan Xin, he was asked to increase and then to decrease the degradation rate of a small slug of the radioactive compound Americium-241. He did so using only this thoughts. This action "violates the laws of physics. . . . In more than 40 repetitions Yan Xin altered the decay rate up or down to a similar degree according to his mental intent." In every case it took about eleven days for the material to return slowly to normal"
Source: AmericanNutritionAssociation 

Correlations of Random Binary Sequences with Pre-Stated Operator Intention
Review of a 12-Year Program , by R. G. Jahn, B. J. Dunne, R. D. Nelson, Y. H. Dobyns, and G. J. Bradish
View Research Study

PK Effect on Pre-Recorded Targets - HELMUT SCHMIDT
The Journal for the American Society for Psychical Research Vol.70, July 1976
View Research Study

Experiments Investigating the Influence of Intention on Random and Pseudorandom Events. DEAN RADIN~ Princt7ton Univer.sit.v, Princeton, NJ 08544 and JESSICA UTT'S UC Davis. View Research Study

Focus and Awareness Creates our Reality

The true focus of our awareness becomes the reality of our world.  Problems can only be solved truly when our focus and been intensive enough it creates a shift in our consciousness.  One of the fastest ways some cultures use this is via mantras or chanting.  At 5:00 minutes into this video, it shoes video documenting of a tumor vanishing just by saying a mantra. Any person who has chanted or used a mantra has always experienced a shift in consciousness, which creates major change in people's lives.By using our imagination to visualize a particular event like it has already happened, it produces dramatic results.  So any and all possible outcomes already exist, just as there are multiple universes in a separate reality, it just takes a shift in our awareness and consciousness to nudge it into our present world. I believe that "conductivity" of consciousness or the ability to transmit higher awareness is greatly enhanced during higher KP periods.  This is because when earth's Geomagnetic levels are higher, people become motivated easier and overall awareness increases. This allows for a greater expansion of our awareness, leading to the "observation creating reality" effect to manifest itself. It is already scientific fact that KP storms create enough "telluric current" to drive telegraph transmissions by themselves.

Consciousness research has proven that it takes only the square root of 1%  in a number or group of people when their consciousness changes to create a powerful effect. 1: A good way to figure this is to count the number of people in a gathered group.  This could be people on a bus or people in a church or other gathering.  2: Than calculate 1% of that total group/number of people or X the total from step 1 by 0.1. Next calculate the square root of 1% from step 2 and press the square root key on your calculator.  For 1 million people, this works out to 100 people.  For the entire population of earth, it works out to approximately 8,500 people. By using our consciousness to focus or see what our imagination is projecting does it become real. It could also explain why some people get their ideas from their dreams or when their brainwaves are in a sleep like state, which seems to be one of the most powerful times to create. But it is more likely the experience that creates the outcome.  This means that each experience is unique to the individual. 
So it has been scientifically confirmed that the gateway to creating a "collapsible reality" into our world of vision is by using the focused energy of intention.  Which some people would call "miracles". My research has also shown that perigee moons also happen to be a time when focused intention brings about what we intend into reality.  Perigee moons are a time when the moon is closer to earth, and a time when more photons are in the air, because the moon is so close, it emits more light.  Especially super moons, which are times when the moon is closer to earth than average. Another time I have discovered is during the new moons crescent period (or 3 to 4 days after a new moon and 3 to 4 days before a full moon), when the moons light is also increasing, especially if this crescent is leading up to a super moon, the intentional energy is super powerful. Perhaps the crescent light of the new moon is just the right amount of photons necessary to bring our goals into reality.  The crescent shape moon is also very visible in many religious artifacts and symbols. So in conclusion, manifestation is related to light photons that affect our pituitary gland which in turn drive our intention or will power and then change our consciousness, altering our current reality.

I hope this article "sheds some light" on the quantum world that co-exists with us and knowing that you don't have to feel powerless, but only by intention and stepping back and letting observation take over, can we create change at the quantum level to affect the physical level, and create the life we desire.

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