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A new science has been discovered by a South Florida Chiropractor called Quantum Entrainment.  It uses the power of emotion as well as photons of light to bring into reality what we desire. I, as well as a number of people have used forms of this technique over the years, and it uses the fundamental basis of building up an emotional reservoir of energy, than releasing it.  This creates a quantum field effect, in which the mind fills in the template of the goal.

Awareness is the ultimate source of all healing.  As far as this condition being expressed during solar conditions, I believe that this period is expressed strongest during the condition green periods. And if you enter into Google the search term Awareness + Healing, you will find numerous examples of people using the technique of experiencing awareness to heal everything from financial problems to health problems.

However the technique given by a Florida chiropractor named  Dr. Frank Kinslow I have found combines all the elements in their proper order to create a very simple, yet powerful technique that can be used for healing, financial gain and a whole host of other desires. Below is the technique simply explained.  If you want more information, you can visit Dr. Frank Kinslow's website at:

1: Observe or picture your thoughts moving across a movie screen, just as you were watching a movie.

2: Next after observing your thoughts they will begin to slow down, being replaced by a sense of new awareness.  This will occur in a feeling of colors and flavors occurring in your mind. Experience this feeling as much as possible and you may feel emotions of bliss, harmony and well begin starting to become associated with them.  Expand on these emotions as best you can until you feel "full".

3: Next just observe and look deeply into this emotion.

4: Next bring forth your intention, goal or healing what you wish to manifest.  These can be desires from financial gain to healing.

5: Next detach from your above stated goal or intention.

6: Next go back to experiencing your emotions of bliss, harmony and well being.

7: Next as you open your eyes continue the feeling of these emotions of bliss and harmony and stretch your body and move around a bit to get your energy flowing. 

You can also continue to repeat the feelings and emotions of bliss and reaffirming your intention or goal to add more energy to the goal.

You will know when you are doing the exercise right because over the coming days you will start observing life as a play or theatre. You will start seeing small things that used to get to you, no longer bother you, but instead see other people going the same process and experiences, which now no longer bother you.

An In-Depth View of How Quantum Entrainment Works (also called QE)

Unlike the old fashioned method of Creative Visualization, which is the process of you picturing or feeling the desired results of a goal or outcome, and takes a lot of mental effort, QE fills an emotional void with satisfying emotions and feelings, which in turn supercharge your intention with extreme power.  All that really happens is the Ego's power becomes overtaken by the emotions of bliss, harmony and joy.

QE effectively alters your perception by eliminating your desire to control and instead allows you to experience pure awareness.  It allows you to accept your circumstances so you can move on.  It requires no excessive long term mental effort on your part. Completing goals never creates lasting peace because your ego wants more satisfaction.  This desire can never be satisfied.  The ego is naturally greedy for more.


What is a EU Feeling?

It is your higher self, it is reflected in your mind as Joy, Peace, Bliss, Stillness, Ecstasy and Fulfillment.  It is self awareness which trains the mind in the joy of experiencing the EU Feelings.

EU Feelings are the resulting emotions arising from experiencing inner peace, joy and stillness.  They are not conditional feelings such as excitement, fear, conditional love or temporary happiness.  They leave a feeling of fullness and satisfaction when fully experienced. Because EU Feelings are interpreted by your mind as different flavors or colors, the emotion arising from EU Feelings can change throughout the day.

How to Do Quantum Entrainment (In-Depth Version)

After practicing QE, it can take anywhere between 15 seconds to 15 minutes to get results once you get the routine down.  Some days you may want to practice longer and other days you may feel you need less time to do the exercise.

1: Find a place you will not be disturbed for 20 minutes.

2: Once you have relaxed yourself, allow the thoughts in your mind to freely wander for 30 seconds or so. You can picture your thoughts on a movie screen to help you focus this. Just observe and watch them coming and going.

3: Become aware of what you are thinking.  Observe with focused attention and these thoughts as they flow across the screen of your mind.  Do this for 1 to 2 minutes. 

4: When you notice your thoughts starting to become quieter, slowing down and starting to fade with you experiencing fewer of them in between each other, you are starting to enter the realm of pure awareness.

5: Next experience this pure awareness and let if flood your conscious mind. Allow the feelings of joy, bliss, elation, unconditional love and compassion encompass your core being. This now becomes your EU Feeling.

6: Next observe this EU Feeling until you feel "Full" or Satisfied. This means your Ego is no longer in control and your higher self has now taken over. If your uncontrolled thoughts re-appear, than just allow your awareness to take over and observe your thoughts.  They will become enveloped by the new awareness and lose their power.

7: When your EU Feeling is in your awareness, focus on it clearly and intently.  This is also the period you can slip a simple intention or goal into during this moment.  Just allow yourself to become the observer.

8: When you feel you have filled yourself with enough EU Feelings open your eyes and continue doing QE. As the new light of floods your eyes, it will help fold into your reality your goals. IT also helps to move your muscles around a bit, such as doing some mild exercise or walking. As you continue to move your body return back to experience your EU Feeling if you feel it slipping away.

When you are in your state of joy, bliss and awareness, your thoughts are no longer in control and the pure state of awareness takes over.  It is similar to the energy of zero point energy, which is an area of unlimited energy. This is your true self expressing itself, also known as the higher self. When you place too much emphasis on thoughts, it places limits on the outcome and wastes much energy.  The real key is to allow your EU Feelings to be 80% of your emotions and your thoughts the remaining 20%.  This allows you to stop trying to make a forceful change and instead allows the energy of emotion to take over molding your intention.  This means the results can be unexpected, but fast and effective. This is how effective healers work.  Their healing energy flows forth from their EU Feelings.  Their state of pure awareness, bliss, joy and Ecstasy provide the energy necessary to do the actual healing. As long as this energy is 80% active within their being they are effective at healing. They only burn out and lose their healing when their thoughts become the 80%. Rest and relaxation of a healer can restore this, but only after they know they are burning out.  Signs of burn out are always accompanied when a healer starts to "force" the healing to occur. Only rest, reflection and time off can bring their EU Feelings back up to the 80% level, where upon they become effective healers again.

I personally have noticed from performing a modified version of this exercise over the years that doing it when in the vicinity where there is a larger than usual amount of emotional stress, that the results happen significantly quicker.  These locations include: At DMV's (Locations where people take driver's license examinations), At sporting events such as a soccer game or other sporting event, during finals exams at colleges and universities, near courthouses.  Just as Ormus is harvested from saltwater by increasing the PH levels, which is really a form of putting the water into a chemical state of stress, perhaps the emotional world also acts as a energy source to help manifest goals into reality.  


Remote QE

For remote QE sessions, you use your mind to visualize what you would do if you were at the actual place and time in person with the people. You can also use a photo or doll to help you.  You just visualize a business appointment or healing session and visualize a successful outcome for both parties involved. You can also do QE remotely by using an object such as a doll or photograph to give your emotions a focal point. When you can experience nothing, than add the idea of nothing, suffering cannot remain.  These 2 energies cannot both exist at the same time. Your thoughts and fears appear spontaneously from our pure awareness. As long as you can experience, recognize and observe this awareness, you connect with your higher self to allow miracles to happen.


Use QE to Grow Your Limbs

Hold both hands together in a prayer like pattern.  Locate a finger that is shorter or longer than the others.  Next clear and relax your mind and allow yourself to become aware of this finger.  Next think that this finger will grow shorter or longer.  Allowing this awareness to flood your consciousness.  Use this focused awareness for 1 full minute or until you see or feel your finger growing longer or shorter. This works because your nervous system responds to the new awareness taking place.  Your EU feeling or state of pure awareness and bliss is always a good feeling and sometimes it can feel euphoric.

Quantum Entrainment and Sales

I remember many years ago when I sold thousands of my motivational CD’s on Ebay for a period of year, after listing them I would use quantum entrainment to visualize everybody viewing/reading my products listing would find the information presented as rich and interesting, and that it outranked the other peoples listings because the information presented to them was just what they were seeking. I charged my EU Feeling to high intensive levels until I felt a "click", than projected the information onto my listings. Because everything we receive into our consciousness is information based it creates a powerful connection. Whenever I used this method, without fail I always did more online sales than my competition. So it appears that using quantum entrainment across the cyberspace realm works fairly well, but only if your site receives lots of visitors.

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